Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back into the habit we go

With all of the hustle and bustle of moving, I sadly admit that we fell off the gym train for a bit. Evenings were spent packing and cleaning and general thinking of nothing else but getting the heck out of that place.

But we’ve settled in now, for the most part. Avery is happy because there is a bed in her room, and it has bedding. She has established rules that girls may sleep in her bed, but boys (including my brother Marshall) are not allowed to. I have found the majority of my books (Has anyone seen my copy of Eclipse?) and lined them up on shelves. Pictures have been unearthed from boxes. The garage sale cleaned up a large portion of the basement. Please don’t ask me about the other side, I’m so not ready to dive in there yet.

So, we started back to the gym. It was going just peachy. I had to rebuild a little on the treadmill, didn’t surprise me much. Then last week I got the bright idea (from the Biggest Loser) to split a bike marathon with Jenn. This was not a good idea on many levels. I felt great for miles 1 through 4. At 4.5 tears started rolling down my cheeks. My toes had gone completely numb, but not the good pain free numb, the tingly pokey needle numb. At 5.5 I quit. Took my feet out of the stirrups and stared at the screen on the bike. Then the tears fell harder. I’m tired of quitting. I flipped the pedals over and just put my feet on the bottoms, instead of in the stirrups. That helped a little bit. I was able to go another mile until the pain in my feet and lower back just became too much. I was beginning to sob and people were looking at me.

I’ve been doing a few miles here and there interspersed with tread milling and weight lifting. My feet don’t go as terribly numb, but my lower back just isn’t happy. I’ve also learned to start on the treadmill and move to the bike. If I do the bike first, walking on the treadmill + my angry back=no good. If I treadmill first, I can get much more tread-milling in, then lift to calm down a little, then bike until I can’t take it anymore. This gives me a good hour in the gym, and I feel accomplished.

I have lost 24 pounds to date, or 7.12% (please don’t go get out your calculators to figure out how much I weigh!!) The 24 doesn’t feel that impressive to me, but the 7.12% does for some reason. I’ve lost almost a tenth of myself!! Nothing feels all that different yet, but I weigh a lot, so it is going to take some time I believe before I really start noticing. Jenn has lost a bit of weight in her face. Lyz’s legs look totally amazing! Chris’s arms are bulking up nicely. My family has been working on weightloss too and it sounds like they are doing an awesome job as well.

We are just a pod of big losers!!!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Sniffle, Sniffle. Avery graduated from PrePreschool today!! Pre-Preschool you ask? Well yes, she won’t be 5 in time to start kidnergarden in the fall, so she will be returning to preschool for one more year. This should stop us all from getting teary eyed during graduation right? I mean, she isn’t REALLY graduating. Oh sure, we were all fine and dandy until they started playing Pomp and Circumstance and we glimpsed Avery in her cap and gown!!

Avery's PrePreschool Graduation 5/24/10

They sang a few cute songs:

They got their diploma’s:

And then we took lots of pictures:

After graduation we headed to Chuck E. Cheese’s to celebrate:

Then we split up for a bit. Lyz and the girls went to Lyz’s doctor appointment (two cracked bones in her foot, her new boot is soooo sexy!) and Jenn and I to my laser hair removal appointment (it gets more and more owie every time!!). Then we met up again for Avery’s dance pictures!!!

My facebook status was ” I am surrounded by 100 little girls in tutus. This is girly girl heaven!”

Avery's Dance Pictures 5/24/10

Once that was done we headed to Chris’s softball game. It was raining (ended up pouring and soaking us all!) so I didn’t take my camera out of the car.

After Chris’s game we headed out to dinner and home to collapse in to bed! (where I finally watched the rest of the Series Finale of Lost and was extremely ticked off.”

A week in quick review

I am about to go back and actually update the blog on all the happenings day by day, but I thought I would also do one quick one so that people who really don’t want to read a bunch of boring posts could just skim one quick one.

There was a really bad storm.

Avery had soccer practice:

Delaney got arrested.

We went to dinner for Roxanne’s birthday.

We got ready for the garage sale.

We had the garage sale.

We had fun with Debbie the Deer.

We had a McDonald’s House Party.

Jenn and Lyz had softball practice.

Avery graduated from Preschool.

We celebrated graduation at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Avery had pictures for her dance recital.

Phew, we have been busy!! (there were other things of course, but these are the major points!!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jam packed day!!

I worked. Ran home and picked Jenn up and we headed to Taco Bell for lunch. Then to softball practice! Lyz is joining Jenn this year, and it is so much fun to watch the team!!


Most of the team:
Bath Fitter Blitz 5/23/10

And would you believe I forgot to change my camera battery so that is all I have for pictures??

After softball practice we headed to Avery’s soccer practice
**pretend you see cute pictures of Avery playing soccer here**

And then over to Baam’s for Sunday dinner.
**pretend you see a picture of the 7 of us around the dinner table here**

And then home…cause tomorrow is even busier!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garage Sale Day!!!

This one went much smoother than the last one. It didn’t rain (well, it did, but just a short sprinkle) we didn’t have as much stuff so there wasn’t a panic for table space, and we just kinda hung out and enjoyed the day!

We arrived at 6:35a to start setting things up. Jenn and Chris left at 6:50am to go pick up the soft pretzels we were selling. The neighborhood sale was not supposed to open until 8am…it seems that the crazies all come out before then. Bartering down large items that we knew were well prices for half off!! No! Not before we are officially open. Come back after 12 and if it is still here then we can talk!

I thought we set up a cute lil garage sale!!

Food Stand:

First sale!:

When Chris became a part of the garage sale planning (originally he was going to be at a softball tournament, it got canceled and Chris became the Garage Sale King) he told us that anything that wasn’t sold would be packed up and sent away to Goodwill. He wasn’t joking. In fact Lyz and I had to BEG to rescue certain items!

Lyz wanted a set of picture frames, but they were gold, and she would have to paint them. Chris went on and on about how they would never get painted and end up taking up space in the garage until the next garage sale. So what did Lyz do?? Painted them right then of course!!
Garage Sale 5/22/10

I had determined that the one thing I wanted back if it didn’t sell was a pot of fake flowers that we had used as a decoration at our wedding. I was so excited when no one bought it!! Yay my flowers will be coming home with me!! Then Avery came home from her friend’s birthday party, and “bought” the flowers! Cracked me right up. At least I know she has good taste.

All in all a good time was had by everyone!! We made a little money, we convinced Chris to let us try and sell a few items on CraigsList (one of which the “Scary Face Things”:

McDonald’s House Party:

I’m so sad 😦 My camera battery died before I could take any pictures of the whole party, but here are the two pictures I did take. Chris has sworn off McDonald’s for awhile after this:
McDonald's House Party 5/22/10
McDonald's House Party 5/22/10

We will all be visiting the gym a little extra this week.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Birthday Dinner for Roxanne:
As you know, birthdays are always important in this pod. Even more so when the birthday girl has spent the last year battling cancer. We are so excited to be able to celebrate Roxanne’s birthday this year! I love her new hair! It is so very her.

A birthday toast:
Roxanne's Birthday Dinner 5/21/10
(Don’t worry, Avery’s is only a Shirley Temple!!)

After dinner we headed over to CLAD’s to get ready for tomorrows garage sale. As the slave drivers we are, we set up the kids cleaning things.

Then Joni and Lyz did the spots the kids couldn’t reach.

After getting most everything set-up, and fun conversation with the neighbors, Bob and Sue, we headed home to get some sleep before our very early wake-up call!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I was sitting in bed around 4:30 (nursing a headache) when my phone rang.
99 Red Balloons…
Groggy Heidi Voice: Lo.
Chipper excited Avery Voice: HI HEIDI!!!
Chippering up Heidi Voice: HI AVERY!!!
Avery: Guess what, the carnival opened today and mommy says we can go. Will you come?
Heidi: What carnival?
Avery: The one buy my house silly!!
Heidi: Okay, let me get dressed and we will be right over!

Jenn comes walking out of the bathroom….what’s up? Get dressed, we are heading to the carnival!
99 Red Balloons
H:HI!!!! (thinking it is Avery)
Lyz: Are you really coming?
H: Well of course, you really expected me to say no to Avery?
Lyz: haha…I figured we can’t do it tomorrow night with dinner and garage sale set up, same with Saturday with the garage sale and McDonalds party!
H: I just need to get dressed and we will be right over!

So we went! I had two snocones (my favorite things!) and the girls had Ice Cream and Cotton Candy!!! Yay for Aunties and Baam’s who feed small children sugar and then go home!!