Friday, May 21, 2010

Birthday Dinner for Roxanne:
As you know, birthdays are always important in this pod. Even more so when the birthday girl has spent the last year battling cancer. We are so excited to be able to celebrate Roxanne’s birthday this year! I love her new hair! It is so very her.

A birthday toast:
Roxanne's Birthday Dinner 5/21/10
(Don’t worry, Avery’s is only a Shirley Temple!!)

After dinner we headed over to CLAD’s to get ready for tomorrows garage sale. As the slave drivers we are, we set up the kids cleaning things.

Then Joni and Lyz did the spots the kids couldn’t reach.

After getting most everything set-up, and fun conversation with the neighbors, Bob and Sue, we headed home to get some sleep before our very early wake-up call!!


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