A couple of things from this week

Phew, long week!

On Tuesday night I made a big bold move for me. One of my Do One Thing Each Day That Scares You x 1million. I joined the SHARE Walk to Remember Committee. I went by myself to meet a bunch of strangers and talk about getting this years walk organized. I just don’t do such things. But the other day I was sitting in my office thinking about my circle of friends. They all have their own things. Chris and Jenn have softball teams. Lyz has BUNCO and mommy groups. Joni has her bowling. Even Avery and Delaney have play groups and classes that they do. Me? Other than work, I’ve got nothing. And as I sat there pondering this I noticed I had a new email. From Share. Looking for committee members. It took me all of 2 seconds to write back that I would be there. Yay me! In case you are curious, I am currently in charge of getting someone to donate port-a-potties. hehehe

Wednesday was moving day. I was up all night with a migraine. Jenn was up all night with a horrible cough (due to the scary amounts of dust in our house). I texted Lyz at one point on Wednesday morning that I was pretty sure we had five people living under our bed, and we would have never known. I have no idea how we collected so much crap. I’m going to have to take a picture of the new basement and living room. There are just stacks of CRAP everywhere. (On a related note, Lyz asked me last night what the stupidest thing I’d unpacked so far was…a candy bar wrapper. Why didn’t it just get thrown away!!!????!!!)

So, back to moving. Lyz, Chris, Avery, Delaney, and Shawn showed up at the old place to help out. Delaney and Avery thought the moving truck ramp made an awesome playground! It was so cute. Chris and Shawn did the majority of the heavy work. They rock. We were totally amazed at how quickly they got everything out of the house and into the truck.

Taking a break:

Lyz helped me finish packing up the odds and ends in the kitchen. Even Avery and Delaney had their important jobs. Avery was in charge of removing our rather extensive magnet collection from the fridge:

(we had enough to fill that entire tea jar)
Delaney was in charge of packing up the paint:

When we got over the the new place Joni met us there. She was in charge of dusting (how embarrassing) and organizing the chest freezer. Joni is a cleanliness and organizing queen!! She is also an awesome decorator. Jenn and I have joked about locking her in the new place so she can make it look perfect!!

Last night we went over to CLAD’s to celebrate a very important date. Avery’s four and a half birthday! It is so cute that she wants to celebrate it. We had cake and sang (don’t forget the cha cha cha) and watched her blow out all of her candles with one breath!

Jenn is currently at the old place finishing up a few repairs and cleaning jobs. Behind where our entertainment stand was the air intake grate for the heater/ac. It had never been moved in the 6 years we lived there. GAH-ROSS. Avery thought it was hysterical how dirty it was. She asked me if we moved to the new place so that we didn’t have to live with the dirt anymore! In an hour or two the doors to the old place will be closed. The keys turned in. It makes me a little sad. We’ve had many good years there. But the new place is so spacious! Even if all that space is currently cluttered with boxes and tubs and piles.

Tonight we are going out for Vanessa’s birthday (Lyz’s sister). Monday is moving day for Joni. I love when there is lots going on. Although lots going on leaves less time for the boxes to get unpacked. Someone really needs to invent a box that unpacks itself!!


Mingo Monday 4/26/10

As all of the Mingo’s are currently living in boxes at the new house, I am going to share something my friend Teaberry shared. In celebration of National Poetry Month Tara has been posting a poem each day on Facebook. On April 23 she posted a poem that she had stumbled across that made her think of me! I think it is a beautiful poem.

Flamingo Watching by Kay Ryan

Wherever the flamingo goes,
she brings a city’s worth
of furbelows. She seems
unnatural by nature—
too vivid and peculiar
a structure to be pretty,
and flexible to the point
of oddity. Perched on
those legs, anything she does
seems like an act. Descending
on her egg or draping her head
along her back, she’s
too exact and sinuous
to convince an audience
she’s serious. The natural elect,
they think, would be less pink,
less able to relax their necks,
less flamboyant in general.
They privately expect that it’s some
poorly jointed bland grey animal
with mitts for hands
whom God protects

Thank you for sharing it Teaberry!! It is a beautiful poem, and not just because it is about Flamingos!!!

Our Visitors-A Review

Since we are leaving this place that we have lived for 6 years, and with the visitor from yesterday, Mr. Bat, I thought we would review the different animals that have been in our house over the years.

First there was Fanny the Frog

Minne and Igan thought the frog was very interesting.

Then there was Millie the Mouse:

Igan spent a half hour chasing this mouse around the house until Jenn could catch it and set it free outside.

We can’t forget Jack the Snake. Yes, he wasn’t found in our house, but we did take him there for a visit:

Who can forget the Spring and Autumn visitors? I’ve made the picture very tiny, so that I don’t freak anyone out.

And finally Bertie the Bat:

Let’s hope our new home is just as fun, preferably with fewer creature visitors.

Reason 1,345,745 we are moving

(according to Jenn, I’m not as bothered by the following)

Preview: A text sent to my Mother “There is a bat on my front door. And not the kind you play baseball with.”

Jenn picked me up from work with a car load of stuff to take to DIR. We headed over and you would be so proud of me!! I made two bins of stuff to sell at the garage sale, and two bins of trash. Yes, we moved stuff and then I threw it away. It works better that way. Don’t ask. I guess if I have to find a place to put it in the new place, it makes it easier to get rid of it!

Anywho, then we headed home. I held the screen open so Jenn could unlock the front door. She backed up into me and said “What is that?”

I looked up, “Oh! Its a bat!!”

Jenn ran. “NO, its not.”
“Yes, it is.”
“I’m going to get Mike.”

So she goes and gets our neighbor who was kind enough to come take the bat away from our front door. His fiance, Jenn, and her two daughters came out to watch the fun.

Mike grabbed a kitchen towel, in case the bat had rabies, reached up and took the bat down.

He then took the bat to a nearby tree, talked to it a bit, and put it in the tree.

Jenn on the other had stood there staring at the door wondering how long the bat had been there. How many trips in and out of the house with a bat hanging over her head.

Wanna know what I asked her? Whatcha gonna do next week when we don’t live next to Mike anymore?
Her answer? Call Chris.

It is Gardening season!!!!!!!!!!!

(does the amount of explanation points show you how excited that makes me?????)

Yay garden season!

I have to share a funny story about my “farming” obsession. The number one thing I have wanted in my backyard is a chicken coop. Full of chickens of course. I’m not talking a thousand chickens or anything. Like five or six. Cute ones. A normal “white” chicken, a few black ones, one of those really ugly uber feathery ones. Ya know, a bunch of different ones!! Anywho, this whole gardening thing was my big idea. I wanted a garden. I had been begging Jenn’s parents for years for one! So…I asked (begged, pleaded, got Avery attached to the idea) Lyz and Chris if they thought they could spare a few feet of their backyard (now a 20×25 foot section) to plant a garden. And, I got my wish!

So this year, I thought I would try for the chickens. I mean really…getting the garden was easy, what could be so hard about chickens? The CLAD backyard is ginormous! Who would notice a few chickens back by the tool shed, not in the middle of the horseshoe pit of course. So a few weeks ago, I asked Lyz. Lyz’s reaction? Hysterical laughter. I let the subject drop for a bit. On Saturday I graphed out the 2010 garden plans. Actually, two plans. Ya know, just in case Chris wasn’t impressed with the first one. Chris had come with Jenn to pick me up for work and I showed him the plans. (He picked plan two just in case you were curious.) On the car ride home, I decided to ask Chris about the chickens.

Heidi: Hey Chris. The garden was so much fun last year, and we’re doing it this year…what if we improved on it a bit?
Chris: What do you have in mind?
H: Well, I was watching Martha (insert and eyeroll from both Chris and Jenn) the other day. We can get a whole started kit for just over $100.
C (in a very leary voice): Starter kit for what?
H: Well, chickens!
C: Dead silence. Um. No.
H: But it would be so fun!
C: They smell. They are a pain in the butt.
H: But they lay fresh eggs! And then we could have bbq!*
C: If I was going to add any animals to the backyard farming project I would do rabbits.
H: Ok, fine then. Can we build a grape trellis and grow grapes?
C: Find me some good plans for a grape trellis and we will grow grapes.

In all reality this conversation went much longer than the above. But it was fun! When we got to CLAD’s, we walked in and heard Chris saying to Lyz “She wants CHICKENS! I compromised and we are doing grapes instead.” Lyz’s response? “Maybe she tricked you. Maybe all she wanted was a grape trellis, so she thought she would start with something more complicated so that the grape trellis would seem simple and doable.” Lyz is so smart. So next year I am going to beg for a cow. Maybe chickens won’t seem so complicated then!

So….Here is Garden 2010. We will also be using Avery’s Garden blog this year, so feel free to bookmark it too!

This year we planted:
Cucumbers (from seeds)
Watermelon (from seeds)
Big Pumpkins (from seeds-not planted yet, we want to wait a bit. Last years pumpkins rotted way before Halloween)
Little Pumpkins (from seeds-not planted yet, we want to wait a bit. Last years pumpkins rotted way before Halloween)
Snow Peas (from seeds)
Lettuce (from seeds-2 rows)
Broccoli (from seeds)
Brussel Sprouts (from seeds)
Radishes (from seeds)
Potatoes (from seed potatoes)
Strawberries (from seedlings)
Tomatoes (from seedlings)
Corn (from seeds-4 rows)

We are so excited!! I cannot wait to see things starting to grow. We are going to have a Summer full of yummy salads and stir frys! And of course, I have some pictures to share!!!
Planting potatoes (the other little girl is a friend of Avery’s from Preschool):

Tomatoes and the Snow Pea fence:

Planting Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and Radishes:

Planting Corn:

Watering/Playing in mud:

There are no pictures of me doing anything because I didn’t do anything!! Yep, my big ideas and I did nothing. I had a root canal that morning and still wasn’t quite myself. Me and Novocaine are not friends!! All better now, except for chewing!

Delaney update: She is going for an EEG today. I hope that they have a good way of doing this for toddlers. I really don’t want poor Delaney to get stressed out by this. I will update again once we get those results back. Thank you for all of your great comments of support!

*I want it noted that I would never actually let one of our chickens become dinner, it was just a selling point to Chris.

Why we aren’t allowed to have good days.

I will start by saying that everyone is alright. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know part of this story already. And I will warn you this is long.

Last week was full of good days for Jenn, Lyz and I. Jenn’s been feeling blue and was quite proud of herself when she got so much accomplished on Thursday and Friday. I just had good days where I didn’t have any freakouts, meltdowns or panic attacks. Lyz had an awesome day on Friday! She ran an entire mile on the treadmill without stopping!! She called me in happy tears to tell me all about it! I am so proud! She got out of the house for an entire afternoon into the evening to work at a consignment sale in our area. She called me on the way home to tell me how much fun she had and how great it felt to do something like that. I hung up with her at 7:58pm. She was meeting Chris to hand off the girls so he could go to work.

At 8:35pm my phone rang again, it was Lyz. I figured she was calling me to tell me that they girls were all excited about the new clothes she had picked up for them. I was soooo wrong. In the calmest voice I’ve ever heard from Lyz’s mouth, she said “I need you to meet me at Lancaster General Hospital.” My first reaction was that Chris had been shot at work.

“What’s wrong?” I screamed.
“Delaney” her voice broke “She wasn’t, she is fine right now, she wasn’t breathing, was not reacting, wasn’t moving. Blue, no purple lips, gray skin. She is breathing now. We are in the ambulance.”
“We’re leaving right now, I love you, kiss Delaney”

I nearly passed out. Jenn and I jumped up and got dressed. We ran out the front door, me still partially undressed. Our neighbors looked at us out their window and I got at text right away asking what was wrong. Then Joni called. I screamed “We’re on our way” into the phone before I even had it up to my ear. Then I calmed down. I am usually quite calm in cases of emergency, as long as the person I need to worry about is in my sight. Once I heard Joni’s voice, and Avery’s in the background, I calmed right down. I asked Joni what happened. Joni had given them a bath and was getting them out of the tub when Lyz got home. They got Delaney dried off and Joni went back to her room. She heard a strange noise out of Delaney, like a painful scream and went to go see what happened. Lyz was holding Delaney, her lips were turning purple (Lyz later told me that she thought D had gotten into a purple marker they were so dark) and then D’s eyes rolled back into her head and she went rigid, then limp.

Lyz normally keeps her phones (personal and work) in her bra. Since she was getting the girls out of the tub she had removed them. She handed D to Joni and went running around the upstairs looking for a phone. She told me she remembers standing in the corner of her bedroom and thinking “What do I do?” She found one and called 911. An ambulance was sent, but they wouldn’t let Lyz off the phone. Lyz had decided it was time to start cpr (a minute had passed at this point, I know it seems like longer, but Joni and Lyz were watching the clock also). Just as she laid Delaney down, Delaney started to whimper. Lyz told the 911 operator that if she couldn’t get off the phone then they would have to inform Chris.

County pages Chris and he calls back.
“Do you live in W___ H____?”
“Do you have a baby?”
“Is your wife’s name Elyzabeth?”
“Tell me what is going on…”
“The baby is unresponsive…” Click. Chris hung up, turned his lights and sirens on and flew home.

He beat the ambulance. He was standing on the front porch and watched as the ambulance went the wrong way and then took an extra 5-6 minutes finding their house. Had Delaney not started breathing again…

They got Lyz and Delaney into the ambulance, and Lyz called us. It only took us 14 minutes from phone call, to standing in the emergency room lobby waiting. We turned on our flashers and drove like maniacs. We beat the ambulance. By a lot. Jenn gave our info to the information desk and proceeded to ask every 30 seconds if they were there yet. We decided we would go wait at the ambulance bay. We called Chris to see where they were and saw the ambulance pull in, so we just ran back inside. Longest 5 minutes right there. The clerk kept typing in D’s name…not checked in yet. Lather, rinse, repeat. Finally she was in and they escorted us back.

Lyz was sitting on the gurney with Delaney on her lap. Now, Delaney is a very VERY active little girl. The Delaney we saw right then was not our Delaney. She looked sad, just laid there all still on her Mommy and put her hand up when she saw us. Doctors were in and out, asking Lyz to repeat the story over and over. Then one ordered bloodwork.

Now who in the hell sends in a student to take a 15 month old’s blood? Yes, I understand they have to learn somehow but seriously??? It was torture. Absolute torture. All four of us were crying when it was over.

Once that was done we got her a bottle, put cartoons on and let her go to sleep. They came in and took Lyz and Delaney for a CT scan, so Jenn and I ran out to call and update Chris and Joni. When we got back in there were two doctors and a student talking to Lyz, who was telling the story for the millionth time.

Then the one doctor said “Oh!! You know what this is?” We all leaned in, holding our breath and waiting to hear what he would say. “She was holding her breath to get something she wanted. A temper tantrum.” Um, no. She didn’t want anything. She was standing next to Lyz, who had just set D’s feet on the floor. She didn’t cry, just that one painful scream. When Lyz explained that she really didn’t think that was the case HE ROLLED HIS EYES AT HER. He then basically said we were all over reacting and that they would keep her overnight, but she was just having a temper tantrum, and left the room.

Other doctor apologized to Lyz and said that he doesn’t have the best bedside manner. Really? I didn’t notice that. She said that it could have been a minor seizure, it could have really been anything. But all of the tests they ran on Delaney showed nothing. If it happens again, they might have a better idea.

We were escorted up to a room on the pediatrics floor. Madagascar 2 was put on the tv and…we found Delaney. She was up, moving around the crib, climbing all over Lyz (who had climbed into the crib with her of course), playing with the remote, squirting us with milk from her bottle, stealing Jenn’s hat, VERY CLEARLY SAYING JENN JENN!!!, and being her rather normal self.

Jenn and I stayed a little while longer, and when it looked like Delaney was ready to go to sleep, we left. It took us forever to fall asleep. Lyz said Delaney didn’t fall asleep for awhile either.

Delaney was released in the morning, and told to follow up with her pediatrician on Monday. (She is actually at the peds right now while I am typing this, but you won’t read it until Tuesday lol).

Jenn had loaded up the car with stuff to take to DIR, and called and said “I want to go visit Lyz and the girls”. Go for it. She stopped and bought them both some SpongeBob goodies and went and spent the day with them.

Avery was such a super star through all of this. While Lyz called 911 she got herself dried and dressed. When Lyz and D were at the hospital she played with Joni. We got to talk to her on the phone while we were in the ER and you could just tell she was scared, but being so brave! We are all so proud of her for being such a wonderful big sister.

Lyz and I have been researching different monitors to keep an eye on Delaney’s breathing at night. This will make Lyz feel just a hair better. If anyone has any ideas, please let us know. At this point Lyz is going to get an Angelcare Baby Monitor. If it doesn’t work right (meaning Delaney rolls away from it falsely setting off the alarm, sending Lyz into unnecessary panic), we will order a type of monitor that clips onto Delaney’s diaper. Either way, we need to help Lyz feel more comfortable.

Chris, Jenn and Avery came to pick me up at work Saturday afternoon and we went over and had dinner with CLAD+J. Delaney was her normal self, getting into trouble, climbing everywhere, and running over to give you a hug just because. She may be calling me Ha, not sure. But twice I would walk out of the bathroom and she was standing there waiting for me and she said “Ha”. Not sure if that is Hi, or her way of saying Heidi…

So, if you could keep Delaney, and the rest of CLAD, in your thoughts, in hopes that this was just a fluke, we would all be thankful. It was such a terrifying experience. I don’t wish that on anyone. I know how I still feel, two and a half days later. I cannot imagine what Lyz is still going through. I’ve told Lyz I will let her do all of the worrying about Delaney, Lyz is mine to worry about.

Those of you who are friends on Facebook and were there with us holding our hands in the ER, thank you. We could feel your love and concern. Thank you for the Facebook comments and the text messages (so many that my phone died!!) I know all of my readers would have been there, but I don’t know how to blog on this phone!!