How lucky can I be??

Yes, I left this post unpassword protected for a reason, I want the WHOLE WORLD to see how alsum my friends are!!!

If you are friends with me on facebook, you may have already seen this video, but too bad, I am showing it again.

The Holla girls (aka Catholic School Girls) do a birthday video for each girl. You can see them here.  But don’t go there yet, you have to wait until you’ve watched mine.  I have been excited about mine for weeks.  Ever since I walked into Joan’s house and Debbie came walking upstairs and said “Shit!  We were talking about your video down there, you weren’t listening, were you??”  Cause that meant I was getting a video.  Wheee!!

Tuesday night, it showed up on facebook.  Joan was so excited about my video, she couldn’t wait to post it!  (Good, cause I was running out of patience waiting to see it!)  I personally believe mine to be the bestest Holla birthday video yet.  Of course it is!  Debbie, Joan, Sarah, Abby, Kim, P and Lyz rock!  I am so loved!!

So…here it is.  You are going to love it, even if some of the inside jokes don’t make any sense to you, it is AMAZING!


Happy Birthday to me!  (And to you too, Mrs. Spit!!!)