P.S. I Love You

CLAD+J came home yesterday!!  Jenn and I arrived at their house about an hour before they came home to open the windows and let some air into the house.  When I walked in through the garage I was greeted with the odor of gas.  I figured it was just because the house had been locked up.  Well, that and the fact that I often hallucinate the odor of gas.  Once I finished opening a few windows I opened the front door.  There, taped to the front, was a note from our local gas company…there was a leak, your gas has been shut off, please contact us to shut on (inside joke) the gas.

I hollered to Jenn to come inside (she had been sweeping the driveway, which was pointless since it was so darn windy).  She came in the house and said “I smell gas.”  I handed her the note.  Poor Jenn started freaking out that she had run something over with the lawn mower!

I called the company and they said they would send someone out.  I made sure that they were coming that day.  It is really quite fall here and I didn’t want the girls to freeze on their first night back from Florida!

I spent the 45  minutes pacing between the kitchen and the front door waiting for the CLADmobile to pull up.  Jenn forced me to sit down and read a bit of the paper to help pass time.  I had no sooner sat down when there was a knock on the door.  It was the gas man.  He explained the problem and walked around the house with this cool little tool testing for gas.  He passed a picture hanging on the wall and asked us if the guy in the picture was a realative..well no, he owns the house.  Gas Man knows Chris!!  It’s a small world after all…

A few moments later Chris came banging through the front door “What did you do to my house?”  I suppose it would be kinda odd to come home from a two week vacation to see the gas van parked in your driveway!

I went running out the front door with Jenn close on my heels (she had to give Chris the quick gas story first.)  Joni was already out of the van so I ran to her first.  I then waited for Lyz and the girls to exit.  When Avery got out I squat down and scooped her up.  I said into her ear “I missed you so much” and she gave me an extra hard squeeze and said “I missed you so much too Heidi!!”  I gave her one more squeeze and she ran off to hug Jenn.

Then I stole Delaney from Lyz’s arms.  She looked at me a little weird at first and then gave me the biggest smile and blew me the bestest messiest raspberry ever!

When we got inside  I got my Lyz hug and asked Avery “Well???  Tell me all about it!”  It was so cute to listen to her.  Her brain was going too fast for her little mouth!  Lyz got out the autograph books and Avery went through each page telling me about each Disney character!  Oh my, I had missed her so much.

We visited for a bit and watched some of their video from the trip.  Chris went up to go take a nap since he had to work the overnight shift.  We noticed that Lyz and the girls were starting to droop.  Hey, they were up at 4am to be able to catch their plane!  So we left them to get some rest and get settled in.

I am so glad they are home.  The best hugs I had ever had!  I feel complete again!

So…back to the title.  A few weeks ago, Lyz had texted me that she was watching a movie and was only 20 minutes into it and had cried six times.  I asked what movie and then set Tivo up to record it for us.  I’m not even halfway through the movie.  I’ve started and stopped watching it three or four times.  It is delightfully funny, but oh my goodness!  I can’t stop myself from crying!  It may replace Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes as my go to movies when I need a good cry!



Birthday to me! (32 as of 11:52am)

Birthday to Mrs. Spit (my hero)

Conception Anniversary to Blue (2 years ago today)

only two more sleeps till CLAD+J come home!!!

(And to my dearest auntie florence, if you happen to be reading this, could you come visit me?  Today is cycle day 55.  Where could you possibly be?)

For one blissful hour…

I have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. Last night I joked to Jenn “Hey, when I get off at 3 tomorrow, wanna drive to Florida and meet up with CLAD.” And while it started as a total joke, it almost actually happened.

I joked it to Lyz too who said “Hey, we have a spare bed and lots of leftover food credits, so you wouldn’t have to pay for those!”

I got a little serious. We could totally do it. Sure, It would take 14 hours to drive down so we would be exhausted all day Sunday, and just have to leave Monday night again. Wait…what if we can find cheap airfare??

A quick search found that while we could fly home for only $59 per person, flying there would cost several arms and legs.

But hey, it was worth the research to check!!

Dream a little dream with me

Growing up my little brother and I loved to tease my mom. She would be sitting on the couch all calm like and then blurt out “OH!!! I had a dream……”. Marshall and I would proceed to say kinda Martin Luther King Jr.ish “I had a dream.” Poor mom.

Mom always had the oddest dreams. She always told me that in her dreams she is always thin and wearing her clothes that she made herself in the 70’s. But just odd dreams. Totally odd.

I’ve never been one to really remember my dreams. Although when I was little I remember a dream about a giant alligator that was kidnapping area kids and hanging them on clothes hangers on the electrical wires outside. Mom turned our couch over and hid me under it.

But when I was pregnant with Blue…oh my goodness the weird dreams. I would wake up and be able to describe them in vivid detail to Jenn. And weird weird weird. As my day would go on I would forget everything in the dream and just be left with that “Why on earth did my head come up with that dream?” feeling.

So weird dreams is something I chalked up as a pregnancy treat. Until recently. It seems like at least three nights a week I wake up from dreams that totally rock my world. I don’t understand them, and I don’t remember them long enough to even tell you about them. As if my sleep hasn’t been interrupted enough, these crazy dreams are just killing me!

I’ve tired drugs. I’ve tried meditating before sleeping. I’m not pregnant. If I am going to have these crazy dreams, could I at least have a pregnancy to go along with them?

I had a bad day again

Sunday was a rough day.  Lyz was texting me about how Avery met Belle, Snow White, Ariel, Alice and Aurora (my personal favorite).  Somehow it got me all teary eyed.  I miss them.  I miss them so much it hurts.  They are part of my life force.  And even more, I am missing out on how excited Avery must be to meet all of these princesses!!  I can totally imagine how much her eyes must light up everytime she meets a new one!  I am so excited for her!

Then, when I got those tears under control I was helping a guest checkout and her son was toddling across the lobby.  I asked her how old he is, 15 months, just how old Blue should be.   I smiled and said “You can leave him here”.  She smiled back, looked over at him, looked back at me and said “Your hair color is the same!  He could totally be yours!”  You have no idea lady.

I had to step away from the desk.  I started crying.  Lyz and I have a psychic connection.  Right then I got these two pictures:

A smile for Aunt Heidi

Silly face for Aunt Heidi

And my smile came back. I may not have my son, but I have the world’s best friend, and the world’s best nieces!!!!!

Mingo Monday

A triple whammy!!!

Last week we went for our hair/eyebrow appointments. Yes, it used to be Jenn got her hair cut and I got a fancy schmancy manicure, but I’m trying to budget here, and I can do my nails all by my self. On the other hand I cannot cut Jenn’s hair, nor do I have the proper pain management skills to wax my own caterpillars eyebrows..

Now, I have flaydar. I have no gaydar so I was blessed with flaydar instead. I can spot a flamingo a million yards away. I see flamingos in commercials and scream out “MINGO” and Jenn is all “Where?” and has to rewind the tv for me to prove it. So sitting there in the salon I scream out “MINGO” and Jenn is all “Where?” and I point to this:

Nail polish in a fancy mingo display case!!! How cool!! As I’m squealing over how beautiful it is, the wonderful receptionist says…have you seen these?

Gasp. A mingo that will do a good deed for me? A mingo that will make Jenn’s life less miserable??? A mingo with a use??????? Let me explain.
I have a thing for deep purses.

Then I fill them with tons of stuff:

I actually took a few things out of there before I took the picture: a book, another bottle of water, etc. I did leave the two plastic forks (don’t ask) and my keys in there. Can you see my keys?? No. This is a big problem between Jenn and I. While it may not look it to you, my purse is organized to me. But Jenn will go rooting through there to find my keys and make a mess. Can you say Grrrrr?????
Enter the new mingo:

She clips onto my keys (note that I have a pink key…aren’t I special?> and then I hang her on the side of my purse!!!

How freaking perfect is that???????? Now my purse even has a mingo attachment!!

And!!! This morning when I checked my email I had the coolest link ever from Robbie!!!
Check these out!!

Thank you Robbie!! I plan on spending my day convincing Jenn that we need these!!!

Now entering shut down mode

Do you ever have one of those days where you just know you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed? We had one of those in our house this morning. The day just didn’t start well. But when you have friends, they sure know how to turn the day around!!

First I got this loverly picture and message from Avery:

I love Aunt Heidi!!!

Then I got the wonderful news that Four is doing wonderfully and some updates about Four’s gender, but that isn’t my place to share!! Yay Four!!

And yay for my day turning around!

I can talk about them truthfully now

On Sunday I started feeling a little odd…disconnected kinda weird empty head. By the afternoon I realized I was all shaky…couldn’t file my nails right because my hands were shaking so much. In the evening I figured out what the problem was.

Early withdraw.

Now that CLAD+J has landed safely in Florida, I can talk about them without them knowing. They have the power to stay away from the internet, unlike me who has the computer attached to my hip. (even when we were in the middle of nowhere (aka the cabin) found a way to text, tweet and facebook)

They have packed up and left and headed to Disney (aka Diznatch) forever. Okay, maybe not forever, but long enough that Avery will have graduated college and Delaney will be valedictorian of her high school class. Have I ever mentioned that I am a really good exaggerator?

I actually did pretty darn good when we went over to say goodbye last night. Well, except for Avery. She just warms my little heart and it is going to be so cold while she is gone. Last week she had told Jenn she was going to miss her. Avery said “I’ll miss you too Jenn, but it is okay, because our hearts will always be together.” Three years old and she came up with that all on her own. When I walked into the house last night Avery flung herself at me in a huge hug and said “I’m going to miss you Heidi!!” I told her she would be having so much fun that she wouldn’t even have time to think about me. Her response…”Really? Okay, then I will make sure you are in my dreams every night.” Awwwwwwww.

Delaney has started giving kisses. We are going to miss those kisses. She is a champion crawler and is now pulling herself up. While I was giving Lyz my goodbye hug (getting my goodbye hug from Lyz??) Delaney pulled herself up with one hand on my pant leg and the other on Lyz’s. She wanted part of the hug too.

I didn’t cry when we left their house. But I couldn’t talk either. Poor Jenn. It is a longish drive home (20ish minutes) and poor Jenn had to do it all in silence while I imagined Avery and Delaney in their respective caps and gowns.

Thank goodness for unlimited text messaging and picture mail. Lyz has been keeping us updated of their progress all day. The last picture I got? Avery dreaming about me already:

Jenn told a dead baby joke!!

I am so proud of her!

This morning while I was waking up from my happily sleeping stupor, Jenn mentioned that our friend (or friend’s daughter) Alix (14-a freshman in high school) was getting to take home her “baby” from school today.

Jenn went on to whine that they never did that when she was in school. I told her that when I was in school you either took home a hard boiled egg “baby” or a five pound bag of flour “baby”. And that I broke one of my eggs, it was twins.

Jenn said “Oh, so this baby killing thing started at an early age for you?”

It brought tears to my eyes that she made her first dead baby joke!! I am so proud of you Jenn!!