Name that Jack-o-Lantern

Please identify the following Jack-o-Latern in the comments:

Lyz is convinced that it is unrecognizable. She and Avery shared a pumpkin.

And the rest of them:



Chris #1:

(hard to see but it is a really good Dora)
Chris #2:

Delaney and Baam’s:

Cupcakes for the special occasion:

We learned something about Delaney. She is normally the child of NO FEAR. It seems she is not a fan of fake bugs and people wearing masks.
Witnessed in the following videos:
#1-Delaney does not like bugs.
#2-Give Daddy Kissey-no!!

By the end of the night Delaney and the bugs were getting along just fine 🙂


Party On!

Sunday was Avery’s 5th birthday party (Her birthday is actually Friday, the night that we do Trick-or-Treat here in Amish Country, don’t ask. We all think it is very very dumb). We had tons and tons and tons of fun.

Jenn and I spent most of our time keeping Delaney occupied so that Lyz and Chris could keep their eyes on Avery and all of her friends, so sadly, most of my pictures are not of the birthday girl.

We went down a really big slide:

We watched the pigs race:

We did a hay maze:

I failed at convincing anyone to do the hedge maze (like the one in the TriWizard Cup!!)

We had hot dogs, chips and apple juice:

And cake of course:

We mined for gold:

We rode ponies:

(This would be Delaney cheering “YaYa yeah YaYa!!!”)

We told her to hold on tight, and she did it like it was her job!!
And swings:

And trains:

Check out their faces in this one:

And really big tractors:

And go karts (until Jenn and Chris got kicked off of them anywho):

More pig racing:

Fed some animals:

Phew. And then we all went home and took showers because it was nasty hot, and dude, it is OCTOBER!!!

Oh, one more thing:
October 11, 2009

October 24, 2010


Balloon Release

Awhile back I mentioned going to the dead baby party.  While there I met so many wonderful women.  And other than Facebook, I haven’t seen them (not including Lyz of course) since.

One of the women, Stephanie, founded the Sweet Pea Project after losing her daughter Madeline. This year she organized a balloon release for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

It was magical. I know, magical doesn’t seem like the right word to describe a bunch of families releasing balloons to the skies and tears from their eyes. But it really was. It was solidarity. It was amazing. The cloudy sky opened up right as the baby’s names were read so that the balloons were highlighted on their way up into the heavens.

Stephanie really thought of everything. The paper that we wrote notes on was seed paper so that when the (biodegradable) balloon burst the seed paper will plant wildflowers.

Stephanie was so sweet. While we had met at the DBP, we hadn’t really talked all that much. When she saw me she told me that she was so sorry that the worst day of my life, was the happiest day of hers. Her rainbow baby was born the day Blue died. It was so beyond sweet of her to think that she needed to apologize for something like that! It made me weepy.

We also met up with Lyz, Avery and Delaney (who had to leave early to get to a Halloween Party, hence the costumes), and Andrea, Belle, Hudson and Nicole to honor Lyz’s Angles (long story), Asiah and Max.

More pictures:

(check out Delaney’s face)

Balloons for Blue, Honeydew, 3 angels and Right, Obtuse and Isosceles:

I remember.

Remembering Blue, Honeydew, 3 Angels, 3 Landis Angels, Gabriel, All of the August 2006 Angels and siblings, Max, Asiah, Dane, Madeline, Rayne, JJ, Wallaby, Sprout, Pearl, Agatha, Peter, Augustine, Jude, Roar, Snuffy, Turtle, 3 Flowers, Brendan, Haloumi, Laura’s Two Angels, Baby A, Stella, Liam, Beatrix and so so many more.

In preparation for Friday

As most of us know, Friday, October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.  To participate I will be doing three things.  One of which I need your help on please.

1-I will be attending the Sweet Pea Project’s First Annual Balloon Release.

2-I will be lighting a candle at 7pm to help in creating the wave of light that will go around the world in memory of all of the lost babies.

3-I will be listing the names of my babies and of those I know as my Facebook status.  I plan on posting it every hour.  I don’t care if annoys any of my Facebook friends.  And this is where I need your help.  I need to make sure I haven’t forgotten anyone.  If I have forgotten your baby/ies in the list below, please let me know either in a comment or via email ( so that I can make sure your baby/ies are included.

Blue, Honeydew, 3 Angels, 3 Landis Angles, Gabriel, All of the August 2006 Angels and siblings, Max, Asiah, Dane, Madeline, Rayne, JJ, Wallaby, Sprout, Pearl, Agatha, Peter, Augustine, Jude, Roar, Snuffy, Turtle, 3 Flowers, Brendan, Haloumi, Laura’s Two Angels, Baby A, Stella and so so many more.

Happy Blogoversary!!

Three years.  Wow.  That is a long time.


A sweet little blog that started off as a journal so my parents could follow my pregnancy, turned into a journal of baby loss, turned into a journal of ttcing, turned into a journal of everyday life (and flamingos of course).


I love my little blog.


Happy Blogoversary dear blog, you mean the world to me!