Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s back into the habit we go

With all of the hustle and bustle of moving, I sadly admit that we fell off the gym train for a bit. Evenings were spent packing and cleaning and general thinking of nothing else but getting the heck out of that place.

But we’ve settled in now, for the most part. Avery is happy because there is a bed in her room, and it has bedding. She has established rules that girls may sleep in her bed, but boys (including my brother Marshall) are not allowed to. I have found the majority of my books (Has anyone seen my copy of Eclipse?) and lined them up on shelves. Pictures have been unearthed from boxes. The garage sale cleaned up a large portion of the basement. Please don’t ask me about the other side, I’m so not ready to dive in there yet.

So, we started back to the gym. It was going just peachy. I had to rebuild a little on the treadmill, didn’t surprise me much. Then last week I got the bright idea (from the Biggest Loser) to split a bike marathon with Jenn. This was not a good idea on many levels. I felt great for miles 1 through 4. At 4.5 tears started rolling down my cheeks. My toes had gone completely numb, but not the good pain free numb, the tingly pokey needle numb. At 5.5 I quit. Took my feet out of the stirrups and stared at the screen on the bike. Then the tears fell harder. I’m tired of quitting. I flipped the pedals over and just put my feet on the bottoms, instead of in the stirrups. That helped a little bit. I was able to go another mile until the pain in my feet and lower back just became too much. I was beginning to sob and people were looking at me.

I’ve been doing a few miles here and there interspersed with tread milling and weight lifting. My feet don’t go as terribly numb, but my lower back just isn’t happy. I’ve also learned to start on the treadmill and move to the bike. If I do the bike first, walking on the treadmill + my angry back=no good. If I treadmill first, I can get much more tread-milling in, then lift to calm down a little, then bike until I can’t take it anymore. This gives me a good hour in the gym, and I feel accomplished.

I have lost 24 pounds to date, or 7.12% (please don’t go get out your calculators to figure out how much I weigh!!) The 24 doesn’t feel that impressive to me, but the 7.12% does for some reason. I’ve lost almost a tenth of myself!! Nothing feels all that different yet, but I weigh a lot, so it is going to take some time I believe before I really start noticing. Jenn has lost a bit of weight in her face. Lyz’s legs look totally amazing! Chris’s arms are bulking up nicely. My family has been working on weightloss too and it sounds like they are doing an awesome job as well.

We are just a pod of big losers!!!


Prepare to Pee Your Pants

Have I ever mentioned that I am a klutz?  That there is not a single athletic speck in my body? I laughed yesterday because the New York Times said that over 1,000 people were admitted to the emergency room last year due to texting while walking. That totally sounds like something I would do. But sadly, if that did happen, it would not be my most embarrassing story. This would:

We went to the gym yesterday. I happily plugged along on the treadmill. My goal was 25 minutes at 2.5 incline with a speed of 2.5 (plus cooldown). I was doing quite well and knew I was going to make my goal. When I had about 3 minutes left Jenn walked by, (having a coughing fit) and said she was going to refill her water bottle and wait for me in the lobby. I was alone in the gym. And amazingly enough I didn’t panic.

I don’t look at anyone at the gym, but I do eavesdrop. I will look at the people on the treadmills around me to see what incline they are using, how fast they are going, and how long they have been going. I was on an end and really didn’t want to know what the woman on my right on the step machine was doing. I looked to my left and saw that that woman was doing 10.5 miles per hour. I was astounded and inspired. Someday I can do that too!! My treadmill went into cool down mode, which I actually find rather boring. So I only did one of the three minutes and then shut it off. I hopped down and headed over to grab some cleanser and paper towel. In my head I said “I really don’t like the smell of this cleanser stuff.”

And then it happened.

My right shoe got caught on the plug wire cover of Mrs. 10.5mph’s treadmill…I tripped…the tripping caused the plug to come out of the wall…which caused the treadmill to stop moving…no, not just slow down, but a complete and swift stop…which caused Mrs. 10.5mph to fall…as she fell a high pitched “OH” escaped her lips…I was able to save myself by grabbing the wall…

I want to crawl into a hole and die. I help Mrs. 10.5mph up and started apologizing profusely. She tells me its fine. I replug in her treadmill and she hops up and keeps going. SHE KEPT GOING!! Me, I would totally have used that as an excuse to not continue my workout.

And of course all of this happened while I was alone in the gym. ALONE. Now, in retrospect that is a good thing. I’m sure that anyone with me would have just laughed and laughed and laughed.

I ran faster than 10.5mph out to the lobby and started hitting Jenn…Get up…we are leaving right now…Why?? What happened??…just get up come on.

I told Jenn the story in the car and listened to her laugh and laugh and laugh. It took me an hour to have the courage to tell Lyz what happened. And even then I didn’t tell her, I just made it my facebook status.

I keep hearing Mrs. 10.5mph’s “OH!” over and over again. I have no idea what she looks like. She was wearing pink and white New Balance’s though. I am so mortified. It didn’t even take me one month for my klutziness to try and kill someone at the gym.

Sing it with me

(I’m bringing home a baby bumble bee, won’t my mommy be so proud of me. I’m now cursed to have this in my head the rest of the day. But that is the song I hear in my head when I am proud of myself for something.)

We have gone to the gym every day this week. On Monday I did a mile on the treadmill on a 1.0 incline in twenty minutes. I was on cloud nine I was so proud of me. The last few minutes I thought I was going to die because my heel hurt, I knew a blister was going to happen. I am the girl who has worn nothing but Crocs for three years (except to funerals, I have a pair of dress shoes for funerals). I must tell you that I was even prouder of myself when I got to the locker room to change for water aerobics and looked down at my sock to see it soaked in blood. I am a pain wuss normally, so I was quite proud of me for hanging on for those last few minutes to complete my mile.

Tuesday I had all intentions of repeating that mile. I hopped up on the treadmill (heel covered in bandaids and tall socks) and was instantly in pain. “You can ignore it” I told myself. Five minutes later I realized my head was pounding because I was gritting my teeth so bad. So, I quit. And was less proud of myself.

But, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we have done deep water aerobics all three nights. Monday I was was all excited. It kicked my arse. If you think that water aerobics is easy, well I spit on you. At least there was a lot of laughter as Jenn, Joni and I all did flips and twists and turns while trying to balance a volleyball between our knees and do crunches. Tuesday it kicked my arse even harder. Lyz joined us and I warned her to pee before she got in the pool. We laughed some more and by the time I got home I was chanting “I feel my core!!”. We decided to give our bodies a break for Wednesday night and do shallow.

Come Wednesday morning I could barely move. I whined and moaned and rolled around in the bed trying to be comfortable. Jenn mentioned that maybe we should take the night off completely and the most interesting thing happened. I got cranky!!! It took me awhile to figure out the root of the cranky, but I realized that I really wanted to go to the gym!! So we got up and went. I am so proud of us!! No more being enablers to each other 🙂

And even better, we still did deep!! It was the hardest of all three nights I believe. Jenn and I even stayed after because there was this one part I could not do and she helped me figure it out and be able to do it so I am ready the next time they say “Stand on the dumbbell!!”

I’ve also started a journal. From now until we get back from Florida I am simply keeping track of what activities I do, and how I feel about the day in general. When we get back from Florida I will start tracking my weight. I’m excited. Cover of People Magazine, HERE I COME!!!

Mingo Monday

Mingo’s with ab’s of steel.

These are my other gym buddies. Other than Jenn, Lyz and Joni, and occasionally Avery, Delaney and Chris.

They go with me and keep me company. The bag carries the stuff I need for water aerobics after my treadmill walking. The towel is to cover my big ole butt up on the way too and from the pool!!

Close up of the flamingo on the bag.

I believe I got the flamingo bag through Avon’s outlet catalog a gazillion years ago. The towel was a gift from B&K as part of my care package after we lost Honeydew.


Last night we were supposed to do deep water aerobics and review it for Lyz.  We liked the shallow water aerobics, but thought that the deep water aerobics would be more challenging.  The shallow was lead by a great teacher and we though she was very nice and fun and she was just all around wonderful, so we felt a little guilty leaving her for the deep water, but we need to challenge ourselves right?

Right?  Right.  That is until we were changing in the locker room and there she was all happy to see us and excited that we had come for another class with her.  How do you say, um no, you didn’t challenge us enough??

Thankfully she teaches deep water aerobics on Monday nights, so we will try again then.

I would also like to note that my abs are killing me this morning.  Apparently she knew she needed to work us harder and she certainly did!!