I am sitting in CLAD’s kitchen right now.

Sunday, Jenn decided to break the news to me that she has fallen out of love with me, and has feelings for another woman.

She could have done things so different.  So much better.  She could have left me.  She could have waited a few months to start dating.  Then we would all be friends.  Instead, when offered this she choose other woman.  I said “Please, choose Joni, Lyz, Chris, Avery, Delaney and I over other woman.”  She sad she had to think about it.  I thought we were important enough that there wouldn’t even be a question.  Apparently I was wrong.

I’m so lost right now.  I know it hasn’t quite hit me yet.  It did a little at 4am when I realized that Jenn and other woman were in my house together, probably in my bed together.  I am so confused.

I told Lyz this morning, after sleeping for the first time since I woke up Saturday morning (Jenn worked overnight on Saturday night, so I didn’t sleep since she wasn’t in bed with me) that I cannot tell the difference between reality and the nightmares. 

Then I realized it is because they are one and the same.


How do I love thee…

Do you know my friend Lyz? No?? Well then you aren’t reading this blog very much. Lyz and I are certain that somehow we are sisters. Or maybe we are clones?? We are the same in so many ways. And even though we’ve known each other for 12 years we still find things where we realize, yet again, we are the same.

The other day we were sitting in her living room and she proceeded to crack me up. Usually everyone gives me the “she is so crazy” looks. Nope, it was Lyz’s turn. Avery and Delaney got a mini-baby grand piano from Santa. We were having a conversation and we both suddenly stopped talking and stared at the piano. It was playing Lady Gaga.

No, really. It was. Go ahead, think we are crazy if you must. I was all ready to start examining the piano when Lyz started almost freaking out! She grabbed the instruction manual to see if there was a radio installed in the piano. Nope. She went on to spend the next half hour studying the piano. She found that it was a local radio station, interestingly enough our favorite local radio station.

(Avery is either also amazed by the piano or is concerned about her mother’s mental status)

Several hours later I got the following picture:

(Sorry, wanted to make sure D was properly dressed for a blog appearance)
With these words: “lol all the weebles have come to a concert pssss Istill hear fm97”

Farm Show 2011

Jenn and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday, and boy did we do it in style! We went to the Pennsylvania Farm Show!! Sure, it smells, but I do seriously love me some Farm Show!! I will say that I am sad that I did not see any cute little sheeps in cute little sweaters this year 😦 But, we saw lots and lots of other fun things!!

We saw Alpacas:

And thought the Alpacas were very cute:

We watched a little bit of the piggie auction:

We met Punxatawney Phil:

Drooled over the butter sculpture:

Quick story…Before we left Jenn was trying to decide which baseball cap to wear and I told her to “Pick the camo one, you’ll fit in better”. Sure enough, check out the First Place Wedding Dress, that also won Best in Show:

We rode the carousel:

We played in the kids zone:

We ate chocolate covered bacon, baked potatoes and french fries and drank wine samples and YUMMY MILKSHAKES:

We visited the baby piggies (who nurse 16 times a day by the way):

We visited the bird room, where only Avery and I seemed to not be disgusted by the smell, but the little duckies and chickies were tooo cute to notice the smell!!:

We milked a cow:

Met a state politition and made inappropriate, yet terribly funny jokes:

And then we went home:

To sing Happy Birthday to Blue:

And eat the yummy blue cupcakes:

New Year’s Eve Flashback

The year…2001
The place…The Hotel
The people…Lyz, Chris, Joni, Jenn and I
The times…FREAKING FUN!!!

I have no words for the pictures I am about to post. I also don’t have any idea how I have no pictures of Lyz or Joni???


A special thank you to Karen, the wonderful administrative assistant at The Hotel, for scanning these pictures for me!! They simply wouldn’t have looked as wonderful had a taken a picture of the pictures to post!!

Christmas in Hershey-Part 2

Hi. You may have noticed that I love to take pictures. Can you imagine my disbelief when I realized I forgot to charge the camera when we went back to Hershey? Sigh.

Two whole pictures.
Delaney in the airplane (Orange coat, blue hat)

Chris and Avery on the really big swings (Lyz and Joni had to walk away, they couldn’t watch)

Jenn took a few with her camera phone:

And as we left I got a little teary eyed. This was our last planned Christmas activity. That’s it. Christmas is over.

Booooo. Hissss.

(but, there is always New Year’s Eve to look forward to. My camera is charged. I shall blog tomorrow about the last time we went to a New Year’s party at The Hotel!!)

Merry Christmas!!!

Jenn and I woke up bright and early and headed over to CLAD’s to be there by 6am, just in case Avery decided that this was the year she would wake up before the sun. She kept telling us that she was going to set daddy’s alarm for 4am so that she would be awake before we got there.

I got the honor of writing Santa’s reply to the letter Avery and Delaney left for him. Avery made it hard this year (what do reindeer really eat, how do you get into the house if there isn’t a chimney).

Jenn, Joni and I talked, napped and cooked for a little waiting for CLAD to come down.

Chris joined us (thanks to the smell of coffee brewing and cinnamon rolls baking) and he has no patience so he waited all of five minutes before going and waking Avery up!

And then the fun began!!!

Then, after 2.5 hours of present unwrapping we had breakfast

And Jenn and I went home for a nap!

Then, we went over Joni’s for Christmas dinner and unwrapped even more presents!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!

Please…can I open just one more”

Christmas in Hershey (the sweetest place on earth)

For Christmas Eve Eve we headed up to HP and had some RR before. (HersheyPark/Red Robin)

It was burrrrr cold! But we were all bundled up so we kept warm and had an awesome time!!

Lyz and Avery in the first car, Jenn and Delaney in the second)


Jenn put poor Delaney in this ride backwards! I wish I had a good picture of the look on D’s face when she realized she was going the wrong way! (I was too busy laughing hysterically to get a good picture)

Avery and Delaney riding the mini pirate ship.

Lyz, Jenn, Avery and I rode the big pirate ship twice in a row. It is just too much fun!! Avery wasn’t sure she wanted to ride it at first, but then loved it so much that when we go back next week (hello free preview plan at HersheyPark) she wants to ride it five times!!