Protected: All About the BABY!!

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Protected: I have found my next obsession…

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Password Update

I believe that I have either given everyone the password that requested it, or sent back a quiz to people that I don’t “know”.  If you have heard no response from me, please send an email to heidimingo at gmail dot com  There was no one that I saw that I would deny, just people that I didn’t know so I asked a simple question.

Regular posting will resume in a few days.

One Last Open Post

Truth is…I’ve been quiet because I hate that my blog has become information central. If someone wants to be a part of CLAD1/2+J+H’s life, they simply need to be a part of it, not spend their time spying and sending their friends to try and dig information out of friends of ours. You want to know when the baby is due??? How about you ask us? The baby is due around my birthday. There is your answer. Do I know the exact date that the baby will be born?? You bet. Am I going to share it here? Not until the blog is locked down.

There is another reason. I have this new “friend”. I have been getting some awesome anonymous emails. The latest telling me what a horrible person I am for allowing this:

I “let” Lyz do the Warrior Dash, therefore I am a HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING. Um, list of reasons why this makes me laugh:

  1. Lyz is an adult.  Sure, I’m a couple of years older than her, but I do not have the right to “LET” her do anything.
  2. She had her doctors permission.
  3. Chris, after completion of the Warrior Dash, said it was lame, and unathletic me could’ve done it.  (G and I have already promised to do it with them next year)
  4. Lyz is in the best shape of her life.
  5. How could anyone deny this simply beautiful woman anything she wants…I mean, just look at the cuteness!!

Seriously people.  I know a lot of control freaks out there, hell, I used to be married to one, but control freak I am not.  Supportive, that’s me!!!

My other favorite email involved telling me just how far G is out of my league.  She is way too hot, and way too “cool” for me.  I’m a frumpy, ugly, boring chick, and I deserve the same.  Sigh, because my brain had never thought those things before.  One department I really don’t need any assistance in, is the low self esteem department.  So if you are going to send me such fun emails, at least make them fresh, new and entertaining, please?

Moral of the story: the blog is going on lockdown.  I miss it.  I want it back.  Will I lose other readers in the process?  I’m sure.  But I’ve lost a lot anyway due to the fact that I so rarely update.  I miss being able to brag about my beautiful nieces.  I’m sad that my new niece/nephew has hardly gotten any blog time because I simply feel too private to share.

Email me for the password.  Most people will get it, no problem.  If you aren’t a commenter, I’m going to use your ip address to match you up in my head as a long time reader, or a potential stalker.  So don’t be afraid to ask for the password just because you don’t think I know you.

Goodbye freedom of speech, hello freedom.


***UPDATE*** This will be a new password, not the old one

Thinking of Blue Day, 2012

Dear Blue,

Here it is, June 19th again. I have always thought that as time passed, this day would get easier. It doesn’t. Time does not heal all wounds. Whoever said that is a liar.

The wound in my heart is just as raw and painful as it was four and a half years ago. I miss you more and more every single passing day. I didn’t know it would be possible to miss you any more than I did in those first few moments. Those moments of realizing that your heart was not beating inside of me, that you weren’t swimming around in my belly anymore. Those were very hard moments, but no easier than any moments since.

Moral of the story, to say I miss you is an understatement. Avery and Delaney ask about you all the time. Your cousins miss you too. We all do. People who didnt even know that you were on this Earth but know your story now, miss you.

That you for the small time that you were able to bless us with your presence here in this life. Thank you for being our angel watching over us every day. I am one lucky woman to be blessed to be your mommy.

The number one thing I am thankful for? Honestly, it makes me sound quite selfish. I will always be able to say that I am the only person who ever held you.

I love you, always,


Ps…don’t forget to with your Aunt Laura a happy birthday too!!!!


Today I celebrate two anniversaries. One makes me feel very very old. 17 years ago today, I graduated from high school. HOLY CRAP. I don’t have any pictures of my graduating self online, but this was taken the day I graduated:

Every time I see this picture I laugh. Why? Because I am wearing jelly shoes. My mother and I had a big old fight over those darn jelly shoes. She was not happy at all that I wore them to graduation. I loved those shoes. Wish I still had them!

Today is also my 14 year anniversary of working at The Hotel. I took this job as a quick hold me over until I found a job at a different hotel. When interviewed, I was told that they had just hired someone, but would call me if an opening became available. My boss liked me so much that by the time I got home there was a message on my answering machine asking me when I could start! I planned on staying about two weeks.

One of the desk clerks I used to work with once said “Heidi, you and Roxanne will only leave The Hotel if it is in a body bag.” I laughed. Sadly, part of that came true. Roxanne did leave in a body bag. I stop by her memorial garden here at The Hotel all the time, I do miss her terribly.

14 years later, I am still here and love this job more than anyone should love a job. I love my boss. He is like a big brother to me. We joke and laugh and tease each other. I enjoy doing things that drive him insane, and he likes to stand next to me poking me. We get a long great. I owe him so so much over the years. I have made many great friends while working here. I’ve been promoted, I’ve gotten lots of raises, there are things that need done here that only I know how to do. (As proven every year while I’m in Florida…phone rings “Hey Heidi, whatcha doin??? Watching Shamu. Oh, call me back when you’re done??)

This job has been such a blessing to me, in more ways than I will ever be able to tell you. I’m very much looking forward to my 20 year anniversary…boss is sending me to Europe!!! Six more years to go!