6 weeks 6 days 10/31/2007

or 7 weeks 0 days if you are my doctor, but I’m gonna stick with my current plan.

Happy Halloween!!!

Had my first official prenatal appointment yesterday. We were late, 3 minutes, and I panicked, only to wait in the lobby for 40 minutes because they were behind. They have never been behind!!

He went over all the symptoms I might be having:
Nausea?? Nope
Sore Breasts?? Check (Jenn told him to double check that)
Tired?? Check (again, Jenn had him double check that)
Spotting?? Nope
Cramping?? Nothing to worry about.

We were then told all the do’s and don’ts-no cleaning cat litter (I have never before, why would I start now???) No smoking, um duh. No drinking, um, double duh. Eat right, don’t actually eat for two…etc.

I was told that he was going to check my cervix to make sure it’s closed, but he said he wasn’t worried about it, since I’m not spotting and my cramping is the normal stuff (round ligament pain) than he’s not worried.

Then the good part…scheduling our ultrasound. But it wasn’t as good as I thought. They are making us wait almost two weeks!!!!! November 12 at 10am will be the big moment we get to see our ONE baby’s heartbeat!

Oh, and today, I got sick for the first time. It was nice to know things are going well even if the doc won’t let us see our baby 🙂


6 weeks 4 days–10/29/07

I’m bored. I am so used to waking up every morning, taking my temperature, peeing in a cup, dipping a stick into the cup, staring at said stick, punching all that info into my chart, and obsessing over the chart all day. Now…I just wait for doctors appointments. There is a long time to wait between each one.

And, I know I am just begging for trouble, but I wouldn’t mind some morning sickness…or something quite tangible that I am pregnant. Yes, my breasts hurt like the dickens, and I do sometimes get a little icky feeling after dinner, oh and I am as bloated as can be…but that isn’t what people think of when they think of newly pregnant chicks. They think of pukers. I want to be a puker.

6 weeks 1 day 10/26/07

Baby is apple seed sized now. How sweet. I still feel relatively normal, except for being tired and having sore boobs, and kinda almost wish for morning sickness to make this feel more real. It is hard to imagine that it’s been two weeks since we found out “for sure” that this was happening.

Mostly what I feel right now is nervous, nervous that something will go wrong, nervous about bringing a child into this world, nervous that there are four of them in there!! (well, not really that last one, I’m pretty sure there is only one baby…Jenn still swears two, and lots of people are convinced there are three).

Nothing special to update yet…next dr’s appointment is Tuesday, October 30 (6 weeks, 5 days). I hate waiting this long…and Jenn refuses to let me waste any more money on pregnancy tests…lol.

5 weeks, 4 days–10/22/2007

Bloodtest #3……2266!!!! Again, a doubling time of 2.36..we’ve got ourselves a steady little grower in there!!!

Next appointment will be 10/30/2007 where they will tell us all the do’s and dont’s of pregnancy…and even more importantly (since I have read every piece of literature I can get my hands on I already know all the do’s and don’ts) they will schedule our ultrasound to see the baby’s(ies) heartbeat(s). I am fully convinced it is only one…Jenn’s work has a poll going on betting on how many there will be. I’d like to shoot the people who say 4.

I’m sick, which isn’t pleasant. Every time I cough it feels like my bellah is going to explode!!

Boobs are as sore as can be, makes laying on my bellah tough, but I am enjoying every little minute of it!

4 weeks 3 days (10/14/2007-Sunday)

See this o. The baby is the size of half that right now. Isn’t that simply amazing? We went to the PA Ren Faire today and really enjoyed it at first. Then I got horribly hot and tired and wanted to go home. But at the same time I wanted to have fun and we had only been there for two hours. We walked around a little bit longer (bought a Flamingo made out of beeswax, a glass blown pumpkin, and a gift for my mom for Christmas) and then we both decided we’d had enough and headed home.

I slept almost the whole way home. We stopped at Freeze and Frizz to pick up dinner, and ate it at home. We decided to take a nap, that lasted until 9am Monday morning.

I think pregnancy may make me a little tired. I love it.


I went into work a little early as it is a Friday I wanted to get somethings done before I dissappeared to the doctors office. I left at 8am and called the dr’s office from the car. Explain that my period didn’t come, can I please come in for a blood test. Run home and pick up Jenn and drive the 40 some minute drive to York. I didn’t tell them I had peed on a stick, but they knew. I asked when I would hear back from them-around 2pm. EEK!!! I hate waiting. it totally sucks. All I do anymore is wait. Wait for my period, wait to ovulate, wait to see if it worked.

At 12:45 I looked at my cell phone and told it “Would you just ring???” Holy smokes it did.
Me: Hello?
Voice: Is Heidi available.
Me: This is she.
Voice: Hi, it’s Michelle at the Fertility Center.
Me: Hi. (with a quivery get on with it kind of voice)
Michelle: I have good news for you, you are pregnant, your hcg level is 121!
Me: Yipee!
Michelle: You took a home pregnancy test didn’t you.
Me: Maybe.

Then she tells me that I should come in next Thursday for another blood draw to make sure the numbers are rising properly. (See more waiting). They will also test my thyroid to make sure that the baby is getting enough of my hormone, and leaving enough for me.

I called Jenn, then Elissa, then Lyz and then I went into the bathroom and cried relief.

This is amazing.