Background Info

About Me:

I am a lover of all things tacky. I have a collection of way over 1,000 flamingos, because someone has to love them. I am a dork, and love it!  I love Harry Potter, unhealthily.  Other obsessions include: My Little Pony (I have a Fluttershy cutie mark!), Jake (as in the Neverland Pirates), all things pink, and way too many others to list.  I am terribly shy and will go way out of my way to avoid meeting new people.  I love working in the tourist industry, but you will catch me complaining about the crazy ones, and there are lots of them out there. Most importantly, I am a mother. No, I can’t show you pictures of my babies, but I am still a mother.

About Blue:
Blue was born on January 11, 2008 at 17 weeks gestation. He is my son, who I miss dearly. I have had other losses but Blue was with me the longest and has had the most impact on me. I was given no diagnosis for what happened, just that these things do. I have been devastated ever since and am still working on trying to put the pieces of my broken heart back together, as much as they ever will be.



3 thoughts on “Background Info

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  2. I’m here from LFCA. I am so sorry that you lost Blue. I understand those feelings of longing, and feel sure that he remains with you every day in a very special way. I too lost a son at 17 weeks gestation, in 2010. I continue to put the pieces back together, but one will always be missing. Thinking of you and Blue and wishing you continued healing.

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