Winter is in the air!!

Tonight we spent a few hours over at Landis Christmas Trees!!! The sign said OPEN but we haven’t been advertising that we were going to be. Jenn and Chris spent a couple of hours unwrapping the trees and getting them stood up. I got there followed shortly by Lyz and we spent a quick 15 minutes pricing the trees. We had a darn good system.

Oddly enough the weather didn’t feel very wintry. It was rainy and dreary all morning and afternoon so when I got home I changed and put on a sweatshirt. Apparently that was a mistake. It was warm out! Here and there I caught a cold breeze, but for the most part it was quite hot!

I am so thankful that today is November 30. I am thankful that tomorrow night at 10:40pm I won’t sit up in bed and scream to Jenn “Hand me the laptop! I forgot to blog!” I have enjoyed being able to write every day and know that people are out there listening!! I am thankful to be able to take a day off and not feel guilty.

love and hugs!!


Mingo Monday 11/29/10

It isn’t just about the Mingos…

Growing up I hated the color pink. My mother reminds me of this often. She could never get me to wear pink, red or flowers. Or belts, I still have an aversion to red, flowers and belts. Lyz and Jenn often tell me how wonderful I look in red. I hate it. I had to go buy a red shirt to wear to Lyz’s dad’s viewing (he passed four years ago today, you are missed Norm).

But pink, I’ve totally changed my opinion on pink. I love it. It is my signature. Lyz texted today and asked “What color balloons should I get for Chris’s birthday party?” My answer, “Pink of course!!”

If given an option of color choices, I will always choose pink. For example:
Doesn’t everyone need a pink deer in their outdoor Christmas display?????

My mom and dad buy me a KitchenAid mixer one year for Christmas, what color do I want????????

(yes, not the best picture, but it is what I have lol)
Colored streaks for my hair????

I always choose pink. If I’m looking at shirts and pink is an option, I choose the pink one. When it is legal and we get married again, PINK will be the color. I joked at the 1st wedding that my bridesmaid(s) were going to walk down the aisle as flamingos and the groomsmen as palm trees..

So, it isn’t just flamingos in PINK that I love, it is PINK in general!!

Dumpster Diving

I am not a proud woman. I have no fear in taking other people’s trash and turning it into my treasure.

I need some shelving in my kitchen. Right now we have one of those cheap-o black metal shelves that you get at Kmart for $10. It is doing the job, but I wouldn’t mind something nicer looking. It holds my PINK Kitchenaid mixer, the blender, the food processor, etc. As well as all the other kitchen odds and ends that don’t really have homes anywhere else.

When Jenn got home from work tonight I asked her to take the trash out. She came back in with a huge smile on her face and said that there was a beautiful hutch out by the dumpster…just what I had been describing for that space in the kitchen. We journeyed out to look at it. I thought it looked pretty darn good. Four shelves and a cupboard at the bottom.

We spent the next 20 minutes getting it into the house. It was very very heavy. I had to stop every 15 feet. We get it into our living room so I could start emptying the shelf in the kitchen. I looked at the hutch and noticed the cat practically making out with it.

Yep, some other cat had decided that the bottom cabinet of the shelf was a kitty litter box. From the looks of it this did not happen out at the dumpster, but in someones house.

Moral of the story: Beware when dumpster diving in the dark!

Movie Night

There are several movies that I watch anytime I catch them on tv. Tonight has been a very good movie night. I’ve watched A League of Their Own, Biodome (my personal favorite crappy movie), Fried Green Tomatoes and now I’m watching Rudy.

I remember the first time I watched two of the movies. A League of Their Own was during a Young Women’s Activity night through church. I sat on my first love’s lap. Yes, a boy at Young Women’s Activity night lol. His older sister was my group leader. I saw Fried Green Tomatoes with Sam and his sister. They were embarrassed by me in the theater! I was balling so so so hard. People were looking at me. It is silly the things we remember sometimes!

My other favorite movie to cry to is Steel Magnolias, but I don’t see it on tonight. Which is good since three of the four movies I have watched have made me cry plenty.

Now I watch movies with my wife, who also laughs at me when I cry. But she makes me feel comfortable and safe while I cry, not embarrassed, and I love her for it.

I’ve spent my evening watching these movies while working on a Christmas project. Jenn is spending the evening with her family, I’ve been fighting a stomach bug and don’t want to get anyone sick. Now I have to find a funnier movie to watch so that I don’t smudge up the Christmas project 🙂

Fabu Freebie Friday

I’m so sad that I forgot to take this to Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. So, I guess we shall be having it for dinner tonight! (Jenn is so gagging as she reads this)

I came home the other day to a box on my front porch:

So I opened it up. Inside I found:

What is it you ask?

A whole roasted duck. How perfectly wonderful is that??? All Jenn said when I sent her the pictures was “Save the bubble wrap.”

This wins hands down for strangest freebie ever.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I certainly did. We spent it with CLAD, Joni and Lyz’s sister Danyelle and family! 13 of us. We ate, we had fun, we caught up. There was Just Dance 2ing and Just Dance Kid-ing. It was much fun.

I am thankful for every single person who has touched my life, my family, my friends (which I count anyone reading this as) and people who simply are kind and say hi as you pass them on the street.

I am thankful that I feel thankful this year.

I am thankful for my loving wife and everything she does for me.

I am thankful that for a few short months I was blessed with the world’s most wonderful son.

I am thankful that I will always have him with me as an angel to guide me.

Date Night!

I have mentioned before how much Jenn and I love going to the grocery store. Last night we went to the newly remodeled on in our area, and we had WAYYYYY too much fun!!

First off, we were introduced to these newfangled thingies for you to just scan and bag your items as you go!?! And then you just turn in your scanner and pay! Some of you (like my mother) may not be impressed by this as it has been in your area for years. But we like in Amish Country folks. It was just a year or two ago that we got the scan yourself lines!!

Jenn had a bit of a hard time accepting some things while we were there. She loves herself some Rice Krispies and banana. She stood looking at the bunches of bananas and pouting. “We never get through a bunch before the go bad,” she whined. So I took three semi-yellow bananas off one bunch and three mostly green bananas off another bunch and handed them to her. The look of shock on her face cracked me up! She is convinced that we have broken banana laws. She said “Next thing you’re going to tell me is that we don’t have to buy all of the grapes in the bag!” Yes dear, that is true. I thought she might pass out.

Then she found the fruit produce scale. Up until now the only produce scales our grocery stores had was the hanging kind with the clock like face. Jenn had way too much fun with this.

She enjoyed pushing buttons to find the kind of fruit she was weighing

And she loved printing stickers:

Who needs kids when you have Jenn’s personality around??

I was being misbehaved and kept laughing at the nuts in Santa’s pants they had displayed everywhere.

And then I came across the egg nog section and had to send Lyz a picture. She loves her some eggnog, so I had to send her a picture too:

We had fun, then came home and made dinner and watched Glee!!

I love my wife and I love our life. Tonight we are heading over to CLAD’s for game night! We need a game night every so often and since Just Dance 2 was delivered from HouseParty, we have a reason to celebrate!!!!!!