11 weeks 0 days-11/29/07

The Liars. (oh and **warning**, I’m about to discuss bodily functions, stop reading here if you’d rather not know about my bowels.)

Morning sickness may decrease and you may not need to urinate as much as in early pregnancy. You may become constipated, however, as bowel movements slow down in pregnancy.

A-Morning Sickness. It is not always morning sickness. Sometimes it is evening sickness, or more specifically 6:15pm sickness. It does not start as early as they say it will. Sometimes it doesn’t start untill about week nine. It does not start to go away during week 10 either. Sometimes it starts to get worse around week 10, to the point that your other half may starve to death if she doesn’t get dinner soon. Or freeze when I force her to eat it outside so that I don’t have to see, smell or think about it.

B-Constipated. I can only dream of constipation. I used to be on a pooping schedule. Every third day. I was happy with this schedule as I am not a fan of pooping. Now every single morning at 6:45 am if I am not near a restroom you will hear lots of whining and moaning. And it’s not just at 6:45 am either. It happens throughout the day. Give me constipation please.

C-Urination. Eight times a night. No wonder I need a nap.

Please understand that this is not complaining. I love it. I do love to dry heave loudly at the idea of “so, what do you want for dinner tonight”. It makes our house a fun house. I do love peeing a lot because that means baby is growing and pushing on my bladder. I do enjoy pooping. Okay, that’s a lie. I hate pooping. I have for as long as I can remember. I am not a lets sit on the toilet and read the paper kind of girl.

I do have days where I am starving and could eat all day without getting sick. Yesterday was one of these. I ate more yesterday than I have in the last week combined. I’m sure at my next doctors appointment I shall prove that I put back on the 8 pounds I’ve lost so far. Oh well, I am realllllly looking forward to the cute maternity clothes!!


10 weeks 5 days-11/27/2007

We got to see Blueberry again yesterday. It is so wonderful to be able to lay there and see the little munchkin swimming around. Blueberry is looking much more like a baby, and way less tadpole like. Every time the ultrasound tech would try to pause the screen he would back-up just enough that we couldn’t see him.

Here is a picture, it’s a little fuzzy because I took a picture, of the picture with my camera phone, but I think you’ll get the point.

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Blueberry is in the black part, head towards the upper left, kinda looking at his feet. The four white dots are hands and feet. That is an ear at the bottom of the head I believe.

Yes, I keep calling Blueberry a boy. No one can tell us what he is yet, but I’m going with boy. Which makes me very happy, but we are unsettled on a name. It was going to be Broderick Marshall, but I’m already tired of the BM comments, so we are rethinking. If Blueberry was to be a girl we’d be all set, as we have had that name picked out for at least 5 years. She’d be Cavanaugh Jenna. (Jenna is Jenn’s cousin who passed away from Cystic Fibrosis–Cavanaugh, well that’s a long story.)

I’m still liking Orion. But that seems a little out there. (semi pun intended) Jenn likes it, but would prefer it as a middle name. But we also both want Marshall (my lil brother) to be the middle name. I’m not going to release the current boy name to the public, until we’ve both slept on it a few more nights. But so far I can’t think of any bodily functions that the initials will spell.

10 weeks 1 day-11/23/2007

Many people ask me if I have any cravings. Until yesterday I always said no. I have come to the realization that I have two major cravings, Ding Dongs (which are very hard to find here) and butter.

I rediscovered Ding Dongs two years ago in Florida. The Target that we do our grocery shopping at had them, and I bought 4 boxes to take home with us. I like them frozen. About a month ago at our Target I found them too! I currently have 3 boxes of them in my freezer. Last week there were 5. We were at Target the other night and I threw two boxes in the cart. Jenn asked why I needed to buy more. Because you never know when our Target will stop stocking them!!

Bread has become nothing to me but a means of butter to mouth transport. At dinner last night with Jenn’s parents I had three bites of stuffing, a serving of green beans (covered in butter) two bites of mashed taters, NO TURKEY (Blueberry apparently does not enjoy the sight, smell or taste of Turkey, and I have two in my freezer!!) and about 15 pieces of bread smothered in butter. MMMMM butter.

Jenn always checks to make sure I eat something good for breakfast and lunch because I don’t eat dinner all that often. She called me yesterday morning to see what I had for breakfast-a bagel, smothered in butter. What is it with you and butter, she asked? I don’t know, could you bring me a Ding Dong??

10 weeks-Thanksgiving 2007

Today is our most thankful Thanksgiving ever. I don’t even care that I am writing this from work (okay, I’m writing this from work so that it makes it look like I am doing something productive so that I don’t have to stuff New Year’s Eve party invitations.)

I really hope that Blueberry enjoys all the Thanksgiving food, as we’ve been invited to three dinners. Don’t worry, I won’t pig out at all of them, but I have an unnatural love for all foods Thanksgiving, and I know who serves the best of which food, so I’ll pace myself so that I can get it all in.

Darn, should have bought the maternity pants sooner, then I’d have lots of space to fill!!

Love you all, THANK YOU for loving us too!!

9 weeks 6 days-11/21/2007

The other day my friend Lyz called to see if I was maternity clothes shopping yet. She knows I have a bit of superstitious mind and wasn’t going to buy any maternity clothes until the last possible moment. I said not yet, but I’m getting there, why? She was at one of her favorite consignment shops and they had a whole lot of plus size maternity clothes. I didn’t think much of it, because if you know me at all I’m a little stuck up and consignment just isn’t my thing. Sales are more my style.

I should also mention that I freak out at least twice a week about money. Jenn has sat through many of my fits as I go over the budget and reminds me that we just did this two days ago and we are going to be just fine. It’s just me. I have a fear of poor what can I say.

So I mention to Jenn what Lyz had said, and I have never seen anyone so excited in my life. I was reminded about how much I like to freak out about money, so why don’t I do something to save some. I had to call Lyz back to get directions and hours for this consignment shop and we went to visit last night.

Some other plus size woman must have already been there because it was slim pickings, but all in all everything there was very nice. I got three nice, name brand shirts for $15.00 and I know they would have cost me at least $30.00 each in the stores!

And I had no idea what consignment shopping really was. You take your old unwanted stuff there and they sell it for you-then PAY YOU. I shall be scouring my closets if you need me.

9 weeks, 2 days-11/17/2007

Your Pregnancy Calendar

Today is Saturday November 17th 2007.

Your due date is Thursday June 19th 2008.
You are 215 days before your due date.

You are 9 weeks into your pregnancy,
and you have 31 weeks to go.

You are in the 1st trimester.

19% of your pregnancy has passed, there is 81% left to go.

What??? 19% of my pregnancy has passed…that’s almost one fifth! That’s a little sad to me. For as much as I can’t wait to meet Blueberry (and that is the point isn’t it?) I really want to enjoy every minute of this pregnancy. That is the point of the blog too, to remember every little detail….such as.

My belching. I’ve always been a pro. I once entertained Elissa’s two boys during an hour and a half ride home from Philly by belching the alphabet over and over again. (I can see the tear in my mom’s eye for being so proud of me!). But let me tell you, I am now a Master Belcher. I can rock the entire house. And they come from no where! I was standing at the front desk yesterday and I thought a little belch was coming so I even politely covered my mouth (see mom, you did teach me!). What came out of me was by no means the little tiny one I was envisioning. Oh no, I swear the ceiling fans stopped working for a second they were so shocked. Thankfully there were no guests in the lobby.

Each week I get an email update on how things are progressing in my body. I was ever so excited to read today that….

“The embryonic “tail” is completely gone.”

What a relief.

The same email also informed me that Blueberry is now officially a fetus. This makes me giggle because before we found the nickname Blueberry, we were excited to someday be able to call the baby “Cletus the Fetus”. I kinda like Cletus, but I don’t want the poor kid to have 7 names before we sign the birth certificate. I mean last night I was trying to find a way to fit Orion into it’s name if it is a boy….apparently indecisiveness does not go away during pregnancy.