Avery spends the night!!

Last week we were at dinner and I made a comment how I was going to cut off all of Avery’s hair and take it home with me.  She got up from the table and came and stood next to me, wrapping her arm around me so lovingly.  She leaned in and whispered into my ear “You can’t cut off my hair, but you can take me home!”  We couldn’t that night (I was SUPER busy at work that weekend) so we made a date for her to spend last night with us.

We picked her up after the gym and went to dinner. During dinner she got teary that she missed her mommy. A phone call and a promise that we would go visit after dinner and she was all better. In fact after dinner she made us promise not to take her home!

When we got home we had lots of craft projects lined up. First we made a volcano!!!

Then we made gifts for Mommy, Daddy, Baam and Delaney:

(leftover paint was used to decorate the volcano!)

Then we went to bed. Avery seems to sleep the same way every time she spends the night. With her legs and feet on top of me. I can move her and roll over and before I am comfortable again her legs are right back on top of me! Jenn woke her up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and when she climbed back into bed she wrapped her arms around me and fell right back to sleep!!! <3!!

In the morning we got up and went to breakfast and then came back home to blow up the volcano. We used club soda and the little tablets that the kit came with. What a dud!!

Avery spends the night 2/27-28/10

Thankfully I remembered a trick from 7th grade science…baking soda and vinegar…that was a hit!

Avery spends the night 2/27-28/10

After we were done with the volcano (and the dining room and Minne were all red!) we headed out to lunch. Halfway through her pizza, Avery started crying! Now she didn't want to go home!! We promised her she can come spend the night again soon!! She can't wait, and neither can we!

One more picture…My bra is so big the cat uses it for a bed:


Sometimes, she is really insightful

Conversation in our house last night after watching someone say “Life is an adventure…sure there are rough spots, but there are spots of joy too”

Jenn:  When is it our turn for joy?

Heidi: Someday.  We have joy now though right?

Jenn: Well of course, that isn’t what I meant.  I meant where is our kid?

Heidi: I wish I knew that answer.

Jenn: Oh well, at least I know that a life with just the two of us will be happy and fun!

Heidi: Yes, yes it will be.

Jenn: And ya know what?  Always and Auntie, Never a mommy, isn’t the worst thing in the world!

(isn’t she cute!)

Forget the anger, give me peace.

One night in the condo I looked up and saw the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Chris had Avery on his lap and she was sleeping so peacefully. Lyz had Delaney wrapped in her arms dreaming away. How wonderful is life? What a beautiful picture to be able to look at. People I love so much wrapped in a blanket of peace and warmth.

And then I became very angry. Striking hot tears filled my eyes and I jumped up and grabbed Jenn and made her go outside with me. I needed air. “Oh Heidi, it is normal to be jealous of Lyz and Chris holding their precious daughters”, you may say. But let me remind you, I am not jealous of Lyz, Chris, Avery and Delaney. I never have been. Along with those hot, angry tears was billowing warm love filling my every fiber. Love.

But the anger hits hardest, and is the hardest to forget. The anger that Jenn was not “doing the bounce” to get our son to fall asleep. The anger is so debilitating. It takes all of the joy I feel away and throws it in a corner, blinding me to everything else but the anger.

But I’ve learned a lot over these few years. I have this box inside. I open the lid, throw the bad feelings in and shut the box again. Every so often the box becomes full and I let the feelings out, just to flush them away with my tears.

And what is left?? The joy at knowing that one evening in Florida, we were all together. Jenn and I, being watched over by our angel (when we stepped out onto the balcony, Orion was always right there), Lyz holding Delaney, Chris holding Avery. Peace. Love. Joy. Family.

Do you speak CLADJJHenese??

We have our own special language. And by we, I guess I mean mostly Lyz and I. Some examples include:

  • Leo-  A leo is what you are when you are being stupid.  I could explain the background on this one, but I would feel kinda silly doing that.  I’ll just say it has something to do with gymnastics and leave it at that.
  • GOL-  Lyz and I text A LOT.  It came to the point that we were overusing the term “LOL” which means laugh out loud.  We needed something that meant I ACTUALLY laughed out loud, so we came up with GOL which means I really actually giggled out loud.
  • The Rolling Crankies/Grumpies- While we were in Daytona they were going through the coldest spell they had in a long time.  Granny Franny put on her winter coat for the first time in the 15 years she had lived there.  This resulted in a lot of people having to turn on their heat, something unheard of!!  This resulted in an over-usage of electricity.  This resulted in rolling blackouts.   There were a couple of times we would be standing out on the balcony at 3am and all of the lights across the street would go out, for about a minute, then come back on.  A few minutes later all of the lights on our side of the street would then go out, and come back on a minute later.   Jenn spent the majority of our vacation sick.  She tried to put on a good face and smile, but some days she just wasn’t feeling it.  Lyz and I started to refer to this as the Rolling Crankies.  Jenn would be happy and excited one minute, and then cranktackular for a few moments, then right back to happy.  A Rolling Cranky.
  • VD-You might think that we are talking about venereal disease.  Nope, Vampire Diaries.
  • Why is it that when I think of these posts in my head I can think of a few million terms to give examples with, but when I actually sit down to type my mind goes blank?
  • Sarah MyC***lin- This I cannot explain.  It does make me GOL to see it in writing though.
  • Stir the Fire- This is an oldie, but a goodie.  Years ago (pre-break) we would camp twice every Summer in the Poconos and go to the Poconos NASCAR races.  We would have so much fun playing card games until all hours of the night.  Lyz and I used to tell Chris and Jenn that they needed to go stir the fire, and they would.  What they didn’t know (at the time, they do now) was that Lyz and I would then stack the decks of cards in our favor.  Here Chris and Jenn just thought Lyz and I were really good card players, nope, you two are just really gullible.  I still don’t understand how they didn’t catch on, we would be hysterically GOLing when they would come back to the table!!
  • Pre-Break, While-On-Break, Post-Break- This is semi obvious.  They are the three major time frames of our friendship.  There is Pre-Break which is 1998-2002.  While-On-Break which is 2003-2006.  Post-Break is 2006-infinity.  This particular set of terms is actually spreading.  Chris’s dad even uses them!!
  • The Crazy One-I proved my point, so I have erased this definition.

And now you know the rest of the vacation…

Saturday 2/13/10-
Went to visit the turtle rehab. Poor drunk turtles needing the 12 step program! Oh, its not AA for turtles? Its because us humans SUCK and litter the beaches?? How rude.

And this was the coolest thing ever-it is a momma octopus babysitting her eggs (over 50,000 of them!), making sure they get fresh water and oxygen. Jenn watched her for forever.

Turtle Rehab 2/13/10

Then we celebrated Valentine’s Day since we weren’t going to be home on Sunday:

Sunday we (Chris, Lyz, Jenn and I) got up early and headed to Daytona International Speedway! We got there at 6am and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then we played cards, walked around through the free stuff area. And this is where I did my something scary for the day. In fact, I think it should qualify for my something scary for the whole year. Oh My Word. Do you know what Drifting is??? Well the four of us each did it. I got into the passenger side of the car and then THIS happened. I don’t like cars. I don’t even ride go-karts when everyone else does, I’m just the official photographer. Not fun in my eyes. But, I did it. They had given us hand signals to give the drivers in case we wanted to slow down. Um, no don’t slow down. If you slow down it will never end. But we all lived. I even said afterward that it was scarier watching Chris, Lyz and Jenn do it than doing it myself. I was more worried about them crashing and burning.

Then we grilled, played cards and waited for the race to start! It was so much fun!!

The race was a bit long, due to a pothole causing 2.5 hours of red flag, but it didn’t matter to us! Neither did the freezing cold weather!! Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Lyz, Chris and Jenn’s favorite driver) finished second in an awesome move going from 10th to 2nd in a lap!! My driver, Eliott Sadler, finished in the 20’s because he wrecked. He had been in the top 5 most of the race!

Monday was the official beach day. Lyz and I had joked earlier in the week that it didn’t matter what the temp was, or if we had to bundle up like burritos, we were going to the beach! But it turned out to be a beautiful day!! It was also awesome because there were shells, crabs and starfish EVERYWHERE!! It was so amazing!

And we must have listened to too much radio because the CLADmobile’s battery died. But it is okay, because Jenn, who has been begging for jumper cables for a million years, was given a roadside emergency kit for her birthday last year from CLAD!

Monday evening we went Ghost Hunting!! Jenn is a huge ghost hunting fan so Chris surprised her by planning a ghost hunting trip. We were supposed to do it two other times during our stay, but it was always raining. We didn’t mind, and we don’t think ghosts mind the rain either, but Avery and Delaney would have!!

The tour was very interesting. Our guide was exactly what you would expect a ghost guide to be like, a little off the wall, very opinionated etc. She made a couple of comments about icky cops and donut shops…um, maybe you should get to know your audience a little!! The stories were very interesting to listen to, we plan on stalking her website so that we can follow up on an investigation she is currently doing. I think next year when are there we will walk through the cemetery in the daylight to see better some of the things she was talking about! We did get a few cool pictures.

This is a picture of a cat. The cat had been following us throughout the entire tour, it was kinda creepy. Anywho, this picture is clearly not a cat, and we don’t tend to believe in the orbs are ghosts theory, but it is just weird.

I would say it was the cat’s eyes, but I got pictures of the cats eyes later that don’t look anything like the above. Just weird.

I spent most of my time just snapping pictures, hey ya never know what you are going to find. I got this cool misty picture:

And here is Chris and Jenn trying to figure out what a weird hissing noise really was (instead of a radio on an off channel):

I guess we were all hyped up to be scared because when we got home I was flipping over our seashells to make sure they were getting nice and dry when ONE MOVED. I started freaking out and made Lyz come look, who made Jenn come look, who went and woke up Chris so he could come look. There were some strange animals in some of our shells!!

We tried to create our own little seashell emergency room, but it didn’t work 😦 When we got up in the morning the sink had emptied itself.

Tuesday we moped. We didn’t wanna go home. So we went to the beach again. It was realllllly cold, but we had food to get rid of and knew that the seabirds were simply itching for a buffet. Delaney is so funny to watch when we feed the birds! This time we gave her a bag of stale chips. She would feed herself one, then pretend to throw a few at the birds, but just eat those too.

Avery loves feeding them too. She was over being afraid of them (after being bit by one earlier in the week) and had a wonderful time throwing them bagels and bread:

Chris had a huge bag of stale kettle corn and enjoyed throwing it at me hoping the birds would scare me. Only I didn’t notice UNTIL ONE FLEW INTO MY HEAD!!

Lyz and Jenn enjoyed feeding the birds all of our wasted lunchmeats. The birds LOVED it too.

Then we took family pictures:

And look!! Jenn and I rank in the world! Our Christmas card was up in the family photos!

(I’m sure you can’t find it, but I can. It is on the second shelf, all the way to the right behind the white picture frame!)

We said tearful goodbyes, loaded up the cars and drove home. Let me tell you, it is very odd going from this:

to this:

That would be our back patio after the snowplosion of 2010.

We had a WONDERFUL trip to Florida this year. With our WONDERFUL CLAD. Thank you for sharing a condo, a vacation, and your lives with us CLAD…we love you!!

See you in 2011 Florida!

Hi again!!

It is sooooo pouring today. But you know what!! Our pod is having a blast. I heart my pod.

Wednesday Jenn and Chris went to Sprint Cup practice (NASCAR) and Granny Franny, Joni, Lyz, Avery, Delaney and I went to the beach. For 15 minutes. Um, BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
But we still had fun. You could tell that few people had gone to the beach that day because the seagulls were starving!! They were all up in our faces trying to eat the food we were trying to give them. To the point that one of the flying jerks bit Avery!

Thursday, Chris and Avery went to the Duels and Lyz, Jenn, Delaney and I went shopping.

Today it has POURED all freaking day. So we went out to breakfast and then back to the Flea Market. We heart the Flea Market. It is AWESOME (I so wish you could hear me saying AWESOME out loud.) Then we came home and vegged/napped and went to dinner. Tonight we plan on watching opening ceremonies of the Olympics (GO USA) while we veg some more. Tonight is a drinking night since we cannot drink tomorrow night since we have to get up at 4am to leave for the racetrack. Phew. That’s a long story. So that being the case I took a few pictures to show you what life in a condo with CLAD+JH is like.

Snacks, the only important food group:

The second most important food group:

Everything in that picture, other than the bottle of milk, is some form of yummy alcoholness.
ps…Lyz says hi, please come pick up the blocks:

pps…Chris would like to know if it is bad to call your child “IT”. Lyz says yes. Delaney may or may not be entering the terrible two’s at the ripe old age of 15 months.
ppps…Chris ran out of beer.
pppps…it is past Delaney’s bedtime. But she is so damn cute.

More fun in the (not so sun)

It  is a very rainy day here today.  But we still managed to have fun.  Right now Chris is making us grilled cheese for dinner (mmmm yummy).

This morning we got up and met Lyz’s friend Julie and her husband Mike for lunch at Cracker Barrel.  I love Cracker Barrel.  I love their hashbrown casserole.  YUMMY!

We drove around this afternoon for a bit just seeing the sights.  Right now Delaney is playing with a ZhuZhu pet on the dining room table next to me.  This is funny because the other night I was laying on the floor and she decided to play with the ZhuZhu pet on my head.  It got stuck in my head.

Just had to take a break with Delaney to go play with the clock radio.  She sat there and pushed all the buttons turning the radio off and on.  Spending this much time with the girls has simply made my heart swell for them so much more.  It is amazing how much I love them!!

A few of my favorite pictures so far (while I can still “borrow” wifi from someone without a password protected account):
Snow while driving:

Jenn organizing the fridge:

Beach Play:

Kite Flying:

Shuttle Launch 2/8/10 (4:39am)

I have a million more pictures that I LOVE, it was very hard to only pick a million to post!!!