Even more ways….

Convince your friends to spin themselves dizzy…



Avery and I:

While I also got Jenn and Lyz on video doing this, I have given them a pass from being posted on the blog since they were brave enough to do “forward” rolls for the blogs sake.

(Today at 5pm I will consider myself 7dpo. So far, I actually don’t care. The negative approach is working. I’m not itching to be able to pee on a stick. I’m not totally evaluating everything that could possibly be a symptom. I do report things off and on to Jenn, so she can keep track. Super sore boobs, strange dreams, odd crampie things, and tonight, I smelled toilet water. This is something I remember very vividly from being pregnant with Blue, I used to cover my face whenever a toilet was flushed the smell was so overwhelming. I do chalk all of the above to trigger shot side effects. So there is the midpoint update for the two week wait. I am going to do my best to continue not caring for seven more days. If I break down and test, don’t worry, you all will be some of the first to know. After Lyz, and if positive, after I call my mother. She shouldn’t have to read on here that her daughter is pregnant!)


More ways to pass the TWW

Convince Avery that it would be fun if Aunt Jenn and Mommy attempt forward rolls.

(The “earthquake” at the end is me not being able to hold the camera steady while I laugh)

***Lyz would like me to include the comment that before you laugh at her and Jenn, you must first attempt your own forward roll. It seems to be very scary for an adult to do one, if you haven’t done one in a long time.***

Take a look at our garden!

Check out our garden!

Our pumpkins have started to really grow!

The cantaloupes finally look like cantaloupes:

The carrots have grown to ginormous proportions, and while I did not get a picture of an actual carrot, here is Jenn, Chris and Avery looking at them:

For dinner we had a bounty of food from the garden. Corn on the cob, green beans, cucumbers, and carrots (with butter and brown sugar of course). It was so yummy and everything tasted extra wonderful because we grew it all ourselves!!


Fun ways in which to pass the two week wait

I bought a new bra recently.  You may have noticed Jenn wearing it in that video I posted the other day.  When I pulled it out of the package I almost cried.  It was going to be too big.  I was so sad!  I had purchased it on sale and had been so excited!

Imagine my surprise when I tried it on, and it was a tad small.  It is a 44H.  I have huge boobs.  It may be what I am well known for among my friends.  One year when camping in the Poconos we all gave each other nicknames.  Mine was Chief Big Boobs.

So…I decided that for fun I would make others try on my bra and see what my boobs would look like on them.  Don’t my friends love me to put up with such things?

For reference, me in “the bra”:





(she thought it made a good peek-a-boo toy too)

And as a hammock for Delaney:

So…next time you need some help making the two week wait speed by, grab a funny piece of clothing and make others wear it!

Mingo Monday

I have chronically dry skin. It is horrible!! I go through bottles of lotion each month. And in the winter time?!? My knuckles and elbows bleed they become so dry and cracked. I actually get bored of putting lotion on. It becomes such a boring chore.

But now I seem to have found a solution!

A flamingo lotion dispenser!! He arrived in my mailbox last week as a gift from my favorite hotel guests Diane and Timmy!!
Look at his adorable face!:

His wings flap when you push down on the dispenser…too adorable! At least now I won’t be bored when I’m applying my lotion seven million times a day!

(I apologize for the poor quality photos. I’m in bed and didn’t feel like hunting down the real camera to take the pictures.)

Home Insemination

Thursday night we decided to do a practice.  Let me tell you, I almost peed on poor Jenn.  The whole thing was just too funny.  B and K were even kind enough to send an “instructional” video.  (It was rated G, don’t worry).  I so wish I could post it here so you all could laugh with me, but since B said I wasn’t allowed to post it on FaceBook, I doubt she would appreciate if I posted it here.

Jenn on the other hand made her own video:

See, I’m not the only person who is odd in our household!

Last night was the actual thing. I felt the ovulation pains start around 4pm…they lasted until about 10pm last night. Insemination was at 6pm. Good timing??

Now a photo essay:

Tank in a box:

Taking the lid off the tank:

Pulling the cane out of the tank:

Frozen swimmers:

The Inseminator (that is the actual name, not one I made up):

Thawed swimmers:

The swimmers have been released. Two weeks from now my period should be here. I’m taking the “There is no way I could possibly be pregnant” train of thought this time. All negativity all the time. Poor Lyz doesn’t have a negative thinking bone in her body. Every time I talk to her on the phone she gets all flustered having to say negative things. She is only allowed to “think positive” when I’m not looking. I know she has her fingers crossed every time she says “Well it isn’t like it is going to work, so I don’t know what you are fussing over.” Poor Lyz.

Thank you B and K for your great video and your awesome support!
Thank you Lyz for your negativity (and your crossed fingers while you do it)!

Love you both!!!

More about my weirdness

I know you all enjoyed my posts about my weird food habits, and the things I don’t like.

How about you get to know me just a litte more.  Dive a little deeper into just how strange Heidi is.


I have certain words that I do not like.  Yes, you read that right.  There are words that I don’t care for.  Some may make me gag even.  Chris likes to find ways to use some of the words all in one sentence, and then make this really foul noise just to see me dry heave.  Someday I will have to get some of Chris’s weird noises on film and share them with you.

Anywho, back to my words.

Moist.  Um, ewww. Things shouldn’t be moist.  They can be wet, damp, dewy even.  But moist?  Please no.  The only thing that is allowed to be moist is baked goods, and only because I can’t find a more acceptable word to replace moist with in that circumstance.

Panties.  It just sounds dirty.  And “moist panties” may be Chris’s favorite phrase in the world.

Milk.  Say it slowly.  The way your tongue starts to leave your mouth as you say it just seems like a gag waiting to happen.  Ewww.

Succulent.  Not sure why.  I just know that I don’t care for it.

Crotch. (I’m starting to notice a pattern here.)  It just isn’t a good word.  It sounds vulgar and rude almost.
So, basically the worst sentence in the world is…

Bob took a sip of milk while drooling over the succulant, moist, panties he had stolen from that girls crotch.

I have to go vomit now.

(And speaking of vomit, why isn’t there a prettier word for vomit?  Puke, upchuck, hurl, ralph, etc.)