Always late

Something else you may not know about me. I am ALWAYS late. It doesn’t matter how hard I try to be on time. It doesn’t matter if I leave my house an hour early to get somewhere that should only take 10 minutes. I am always late.

(Yes, I realize I promised ya’ll a loverly long post about my obsessive behavior…it’ll wait)

Yesterday was Honeydew’s due date. And I was late. I forgot. I didn’t think about it until 8:30pm past night.

I’m sorry Honeydew. You deserve better than that. We miss you. We really do. I’m sorry that your short life was overshadowed by your big brother. I hope that the two of you are having fun together in heaven.

I’m sorry I forgot. Don’t let that make you believe I have forgotten about you. I haven’t, we never will. You are in our thoughts all the time. I just forgot that I had a whole day set aside to mourn you more.

Your mommies love you.


Mingo Monday

It is that time. Yes. Time to get to know me just a little bit better. Yes, you know that I love flamingos. Yes, you know that I am very very odd.

But did you know that I can’t say no to a good craft project?

(In reality I can’t say no to anything, but that is a whole nother story)

So….once upon a time (or…maybe it is a daily activity of mine, you’ll just have to guess which), I was skimming along eBay. I was bored (or…maybe I was at work with nothing better to do) so I put FLAMINGO into the search box. And browsed a little bit. (or…maybe I started with the least expensive and looked straight through to the most?).

Anywho. I came upon an auction for a half a yard of flamingotastic fabric. It had to be mine. For only 99cents and free shipping!! Who could pass such an item up? (shh…I heard you say anyone but me….hush).

And it came in the mail and I showed it to Jenn who jumped for joy at my flamingotastic purchase (or…maybe she rolled her eyes and threatened to take away my PayPal account).

And then that loverly piece of fabric collected dust in my closet for about 2 years.

Until………I was watching a craft show (something I never ever do, I mean who can turn off Food Network long enough to watch a craft show???) and they took themselves a half a yard of fabric and hot glued it to a lamp shade!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my. Wanna take a guess how long it took me to get Jenn into the car to drive to one of them there big box stores to find a cheap lamp???? (yes, much longer than I would have liked) and then off to one of them there crafty stores to get some tackilicious trim???? (again, much longer than I would have liked)

And I became a woman obsessed. First I made this absolutely tackfabulous lamp….

(Jenn chooses to view it kinda like the mom in A Christmas Story views the Leg Lamp.)

And then I made more. I made them for the bedroom…one for the living room. Some people got lamps as gifts for their birthdays that year. No…only the above pictured one came in the absolutely fabulous flamingorific fabric, sorry.

So…tomorrow we shall learn about my obsessiveness. As in, I realize I like something and it becomes my whole entire life…until I am bored of it.

Have a Happy Mingo Monday!!!

Time to make the cookies…..

Well, we have been putting off Christmas stuff day after day. We’ll bake cookies tomorrow. Or tomorrow. Lets do that tomorrow.

Well, it was Christmas Eve Eve last night, so we ran out of tomorrows. We always make YumYums. Jenn lovesloves them. They are made with 1 cup chocolate chips and 2/3 cup peanut butter melted together, stir in 3 cups of Wheaties and drop by the spoonful onto a cookie sheet. Chill. Lick pan and spoon clean. Eat all YumYums in one sitting. Realize that you have to give some away, quadruple the recipe and start again.

Chris has been begging for peanut butter cookies. So we made those too…here they are baking…

Okay, back to YumYums.

Mmmmm peanut butter and chocolate chips melting away in my favorite pot:

Jenn stirring the mix cheerfully (or eating half of it, whichever):

Mixing in the Wheaties:

Trays of YumYums cooling on the patio:

Mingo Monday

The real thing. Yes…I’ve met the real thing many a time–see here–me, flamingos, together!

Today’s pictures are brought to you by Shamu…or Sea World. It is Jenn’s favorite park to go to when we are in Florida. I like the mingos. I do not like feeding the dolphins. They creep me the heck out. (The creepiness was made worse the Jenn got some weird disease from touching the dolphins…only Jenn could do that you know!) I do like the stingrays. They are fun (weird) to feed!!

Did you know that they take the flamingos out for walks? I didn’t either until we happened upon a bunch of chicks taking a stroll with some of the workers!! They were so cute and curious!!!!!

More pictures…just because I can!

(I’ve got Florida on my mind…February 7th won’t get here fast enough)

I’m honored.

And floored.

I talk in real life about Mrs. Spit all the time. I tell Jenn and my friends how I so often feel that Mrs. Spit must be imaginary, because how can any one person feel so much like I do?

But she isn’t. She is even more wonderful than any imaginary friend can be.

She nominated Jenn and I for an award…and we shall graciously accept it. Only because I am a lady and know that turning down such an award would be rude. To be honest, it made me blush and cry. Jenn was even touched to the point of considering a tear, which is huge for Jenn, trust me. Surely there is someone more deserving than us.

Please click here to see the nominations.