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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy 35th Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!

Soccer practice for Avery!!

She is so amazingly good for a four and a half year old!! She totally dominates the team.

Delaney on the other hand does nothing but get in trouble. Chris thought he could convince her that she had to stay in the corner of the field and not move.

She wasn’t very happy with this plan and escapes so many times, that she ended up getting arrested!!

Look how proud she is!! We all keep joking that in 15 years this picture won’t look as happy, ya know, when the Delaney DareDevil has been arrested for real!!

The Celebratory Society!

Think of this as the most interesting delurking project you’ll ever participate in. After giving back to others at the Celebratory Society, I have decided to participate in it myself. You can understand the project in full by clicking here, but in brief, the Celebratory Society is an online festschrift for a blogger–a way for you to tell me what my blog or actions mean to you. But this isn’t about me–this is about you too. And I would love it if you returned to your own blog, started your own Celebratory Society post, added it to the main project list, and gave me the opportunity to tell you about…you.

Happy 35th Birthday Jenny!!!

I’ve mentioned before that we spend whole weeks celebrating birthdays in this pod…here’s Jenn’s!

On Sunday we slept in, watched a few movies, sang several times and headed over to Joni’s for Mother’s Day/family dinner, where Avery made sure we sung to Jenn several more times.

On Monday we went to Shady Maple (mmmmmmmm) for lunch with CLAD, Joni, Shawn and Chele!! It was delicious, of course!!

Tuesday we took a day off from birthday celebrations and played Bunco/watched the girls instead.

Wednesday we went all out. There was Chocolate World:

Then there was Red Robin and a fun game of “You Ate My Gourmet Burger!” (Avery won…and we didn’t simply let her either.):

Then there was cake. Red Velvet cake:

And the girl who refused to make a mess of her first birthday cake went to town:

Jenn was very excited for her gift from CLAD—an EMF reader. (I joked with Lyz that if Jenn wasn’t checking for ghosts in her nose by the end of the night I would be shocked)

Happy Birthday, Teapot!!! We love you!

Friday, May 14, 2010

We had a rather interesting thunderstorm today. It picked today because it knew that Jenn and I would be loading the last things into the new place, two huge bookcases. When we pulled up in front of our house it started with those huge, almost painful, raindrops.

Have I ever mentioned that I have zero upper body strength?? Yup, zero. This does not make for quick unloading of bookcases. Why didn’t we just leave them in my car you ask? Well because they are huge bookcases and hung out the back of my suv.

The moment we got the second one inside the rain really started. Massive winds, tornado watches and warnings on the tv, Jenn and Minne panicking. I checked in on Lyz, who also hates thunderstorms and went and stood on our back patio to watch.

Lyz starts calling me to say they’ve got hail. Large pieces of hail. That is strange, we’ve got sun?!? Our storm ended quite suddenly, but I could hear the clinking of hail on the other end of the phone. Lyz let me go because Avery wanted to go collect hail so she could send me a picture.

(a little fuzzy as it is from Joni’s ancient camera phone)

Minne and Igan enjoyed the calm parts of the storm.

The only damage that we can report is to Joni’s precious car-baby. It has hail dents in the hood and roof 😦

A quick lesson.

Main Entry: toile
Pronunciation: \ˈtwäl\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, cloth, linen, from Middle French
Date: 1794

1 : any of many plain or simple twill weave fabrics; especially : linen
2 : a mock-up model of a garment

Pictures of Toile:

Look! A toile shower curtain:

That is all.

Mingo Monday 5/10/10

This past weekend at The Hotel we hosted a military reunion group, the Military Order of the Cootie!! FHFDC (Friendly Hotel Front Desk Clerk) love this group. Everyone is so nice, and they love to tell stories!! FHFDC was helping one of the older gentleman who could not figure out how to get his printer to work, print out name tags. He told FHFDC that she could be an honorary Cootie, and she was honored. He couldn’t find a Cootie pin, so he gave her his “Council’s” pin for 2010, a cute little Keystone Cop:

Later that afternoon, the Supreme Guard of the women was talking to FHFDC when FHFDC had to inturrupt and tell her how beautiful her flamingo pin was!! FHFDC admitted to having a tiny flamingo obsession. Mrs. Supreme Guard noticed that FHFDC had the men’s pin on, and was upset that she wasn’t supporting the ladies also, and pinned the flamingo right onto FHFDC’s shirt!!

On Saturday afternoon, FHFDC was sitting in her office and Mrs. Supreme came in with another gift. She took one look around FHFDC’s office and said “You sure weren’t kidding about the flamingo obsession were you?? She thanked FHFDC for her smiles and gave her the most delicious pair of earrings!

Yay!! FHFDC already loved this group, and now there are even more reasons to love them!!