Thursday, May 20, 2010

I was sitting in bed around 4:30 (nursing a headache) when my phone rang.
99 Red Balloons…
Groggy Heidi Voice: Lo.
Chipper excited Avery Voice: HI HEIDI!!!
Chippering up Heidi Voice: HI AVERY!!!
Avery: Guess what, the carnival opened today and mommy says we can go. Will you come?
Heidi: What carnival?
Avery: The one buy my house silly!!
Heidi: Okay, let me get dressed and we will be right over!

Jenn comes walking out of the bathroom….what’s up? Get dressed, we are heading to the carnival!
99 Red Balloons
H:HI!!!! (thinking it is Avery)
Lyz: Are you really coming?
H: Well of course, you really expected me to say no to Avery?
Lyz: haha…I figured we can’t do it tomorrow night with dinner and garage sale set up, same with Saturday with the garage sale and McDonalds party!
H: I just need to get dressed and we will be right over!

So we went! I had two snocones (my favorite things!) and the girls had Ice Cream and Cotton Candy!!! Yay for Aunties and Baam’s who feed small children sugar and then go home!!


Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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