Driving Along Discussing Lottery Winnings

Me: Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness…

Chris: Is a moron.

Me: As long as you already have a happy foundation, money could certainly buy you more.

Avery: If you have love you don’t need money, right?

Adults (all thinking something different): Right, Avery.

Avery (to me): If I won $1000 I would give you half so you would love me more.

Me: I wouldn’t accept the money, and I couldn’t possibly love you any more.

Avery: Would you explode if you loved me any more?

Me: Yes!

Avery: Have you loved me from the first moment you saw me?

Me: From before that moment.

Avery (grabbing my arm and holding it across her like a seat belt, hugging it tightly): Good.

Delaney: I love Tom and Jerry.


We all had several ideas for what we would do with the money, had we won (which I didn’t, I haven’t checked with CLAD yet this morning to see if they won even a tiny prize).  Chris planned out a 5 million dollar mansion, complete with a “love nest” for me to live in.  I decided that I would travel first.  Or buy Chris the world’s largest bouncey place (long story).

I love car conversations, Avery didn’t let go of my arm for the rest of the drive.


“Having dinner with a bunch of Catholic School Girls”

That was my response to two different people when they asked me yesterday, what I was going to do that evening.  You know, every lesbian’s fantasy.  Dinner with a bunch of Catholic school girls!!

This would be that group of girls that I spent a lot of time refering to as “Lyz’s friends” and have since decided that they are my friends too.  And do you have any idea how much this group of friends means to me?  They probably don’t even have a clue.  I hardly ever say a word around them.  I’m getting better, last night I might have spoken in full sentances. (pats self on back)

A few weeks ago they actually attempted to kidnap me.  CLAD was out of town and they were all going out for drinks.  I was lounging in my pjs and reading when I heard a horn outside.  I complained in my head that people are crazy.  Then there was a pounding knock on the front door.  (If whoever that was is reading this, dude, you have a scary knock!!)  I threw on a sweatshirt and peeked out the bathroom window.  I recognized the van and went outside.  There in the mini-van were four of them, begging me to go out with them.  Honestly, in my head, I passed out.  Partly from being such a shy freak, but mostly because they are so awesome to go totally out of their way to try and get me to go out with them!  I had to decline though, for several reasons, but I did regret it.  After they left I thought about texting them at least 50 times to find out where they were to at least share one drink with them!

I hold each one of them a special place in my heart.  For the longest time, one of them (so not naming names) really intimidated me, not in a bad way, just in a “She is way too cool, she will never like me” kind of way.  After seeing her several more times, confessing to Lyz that this is how I feel, and having several different interactions with her, I find her as one of my favorites (no, I’m not really playing favorites, there isn’t a judging pedestal I have these girls on, just a way to describe her lol).

Some of them came over to CLAD 1/2’s last night for dinner.  I felt the most comfortable I ever have around them, like I said, I think I even spoke in full sentences and spoke in a volume slightly higher than my normal whisper.

Then, just now, I got a beautiful facebook message from another of these Catholic school girls.  It brought tears to my eyes.  To hear her speaking so highly of me, to know she is peeking in on my blog and thinks that I am a strong and positive person (aren’t I a good liar!) just filled my heart up with joy.

So, to any of you other Catholic school girls who may be peeking in on my, and to Joan, who I know for sure reads, HI!!!  I love you all tons.  Thank you for welcoming this former Mormon school girl into your circle.  You are all amazing women with wonderful children, amazing husbands, cool boyfriends, and scary alter egos (this means you, Debbie, and your slow Tommy).  Having you all in my life is such a blessing.

I would like…

  • A manicure
  • Several MegaMillions lottery tickets
  • One of those several tickets to be the winner
  • To be able to eat without wanting to puke
  • Lyz to be able to eat without puking
  • Good guacamole
  • Mandatory naptime at work
  • Gold Peak Tea to start selling their tea in tea bags
  • For my boss to just say yes to sending me and a growing list of people (including his youngest child), to London
  • To actually sit down and blog the last part of the Florida vacation, the part that includes Harry Potter
  • A nap.  I thought about taking one yesterday, and actually laid down in bed, but got distracted by that stupid book.
  • The pile of work I have waiting for me to just go do itself


Please feel free to add your wants!

The Following Post is Rated PG

I so wish you could see the smile on my face as I type this out. I have two pictures from our Florida trip that I want to share.

In case you didn’t catch it, let me point it out. The first picture…please note the 1/2 after CLAD.
The second picture…Lyz is holding a Thing 3 shirt.

LYZ IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to be an auntie again!!!!!!

Lyz is a member of the miscarriage and infertility club. They were told they would never have children. Avery was a total surprise. They spent a ton of money trying to get Delaney, and had given up when she arrived. This child is no different. They have been trying to get pregnant, pretty much since the moment Delaney arrived. They had decided that when she turned three, they were done. In the middle of December, Lyz and I had a long discussion where she told me she was happy with two. That everything seemed to be working fine. Three must not have been meant to happen. She made an appointment to discuss getting her tubes tied with her doctor. The appointment was for January 2.

When I got home from work New Year’s Day, I noticed they were both acting a little strange, but I ignored it, figured they were just tired from our New Year’s Eve party. I went up to my room to get changed since we were going to Nanny’s for dinner. There was a knock on my bedroom door “Can you come to our room and talk to us?” I put my robe on and headed down the hall.

Chris was sitting in the rocking chair, Lyz on the bed. I got all nervous, like when your parents wanted to have a long discussion on your bad behavior. Chris made a silly comment, and Lyz handed me a positive pregnancy test.

I almost passed out!! My entire body was FILLED AND OVERFLOWING with GLEE!! Poor Chris and Lyz were in shock at this news, and here I was smiling broadly and bouncing (in a robe, so glad I didn’t flash them).

And these two wonderful people, who had just had a huge shock, do you know what they said? They made sure I knew that I was still wanted, needed even, in their home. They took the time to worry about me. They also asked me how I felt, knowing that pregnancy announcements don’t always feel good to bitter infertile people. Honestly, that had never crossed my mind, I was far too excited that I get to be an auntie again!!!

At the end of August, beginning of September, there will be three little people that I get to kiss goodnight. Three little people that I will look forward to seeing when I get home from work every evening. Three little people who will daily make my heart burst with how much I love them.

My heart is so full. This is so amazing!!

The First Date: A Review

Just a side note, it is strange writing this knowing darn well she is going to read it!!  I am going to be 100% honest though 🙂

In one word: Perfect.  A ten hour date where never once did I want it to end.  Never once was I sitting there wishing she would stop talking or stop doing whatever she was doing.  It was just perfect.

She picked me up 10 minutes early…I, of course, wasn’t ready.  Had she been on time, I actually would’ve been good to go.  We were still out the door by 11am though, so all is well.  We went out to lunch first at a hibachi place-her favorite.  We had the whole table to ourselves.  We talked and laughed and had a wonderful meal.  The whole time she kept trying to get me to drop hints on where we were going aterwards.  I am getting quite good at keeping secrets y’all!!  I didn’t let anything ruin the surprise.  I will tell you that I was nervous that she wouldn’t like where we were going.  So after lunch we got back in her car and I started giving her directions.  I also spent the drive fighting the urge to sing.  I have a terribly voice.  She was playing good music!!

We arrived at Star Glazers, a paint your own pottery place.  Crush is a good artist.  She has painted a beautiful mural of Winnie the Pooh on her nephew’s playroom wall.  We have talked a lot about art and her artisitic abilities.  I took a deep breath and pointed the building out.  She smiled all big!!!  She had never done it before!  We spent several hours there.  She painted something for her sister, nephew and mom.  Made me feel rather selfish as I sat there painting Easter eggs for myself lol.  I will post pictures of our works of art when we get them back from being fired.

Like I said, I only planned the two things, leavin the rest of the day up to if we both decided we wanted the date to continue.  As we were leaving Star Glazers, she asked where to next.  I know she likes fish, and right around the corner is this gigantic pet store, with a fish touch tank, so we went there!  She took a million pictures of all of the diffferent fish.  We petted the sting rays and a star fish and walked around looking at all of the repitles.  Again, totally fun.

When we couldn’t think quickly of something else to do, we started back to CLAD’s.  We sat in her car talking for a bit, she finally found a song that I could not resist singing along to, but was kind enough to turn the volume way up so that she couldn’t hear me :).  We were parked behind my car and she asked if I had replaced the bulbs that were out.  Um, no.  I haven’t.  She got right out of the car and did it.  How is that for totally sweet?

I took her into the house to wash her hands and we played with Avery for a little bit.  Delaney is still somewhat shy around Crush.  She talks about her all the time.  It is usually the same conversation:

Delaney: What’s your girl name?
Me: Crush.
Delaney: I love her.

Children are so giving with their love! Crush, Avery and I played a bit of “Find Jesus” (a Where’s Waldo type book) and Crush asked me where I wanted to go for dinner. I’m surprised the whole world didn’t hear my heart sing!!! We said goodbye to LAD and went down the road to dinner. We talked comfortably through dinner, and then headed back to CLAD’s. We sat in the car for another hour talking and learning more about each other. I was sad to get out of the car. I really do enjoy spending time with her, even if it is just sitting in a car talking about our lives. Or talking about nothing. Or nothing. I just like to be with her.

When she got home, we continued to talk via text. She told me it was her best date ever. She told me that she usually gets annoyed with her dates by three hours in, but never once in 10 hours did she ever get annoyed with me or wish the date was over. Glad to know we both agree on that!! She has promised a second real date, as soon as she figures how to top what I planned.

I laid in bed last night with the biggest grin on my face. This date just made my crush on Crush even bigger. Swoon.


So, yes, I’ve been quiet.  I have had a lot to blog about, just not the patience to sit down and blog.  I’ve been sucked into different books, sucked into my total addiction with texting, sucked into my mind and the thoughts it likes to have, sucked into a car that stresses me out daily (as payback, Emma is now sporting bunny ears, teach her to cost me $$).

But I’m back now.  Because I have something to say, and I didn’t want to keep it a secret from all of you.  (Which is funny, because I’m sitting on a bigger secret, that at least two of you caught on facebook the other day…that post is coming soon, I promise!  And Kirsten and Karen, don’t bother going to look on Facebook, I deleted the post!)

REAALLLLLYYYY long story short…I’m going on a date tomorrow.  With who??????


We were originally going to do lunch and a movie, but decided to change it up a bit and…wait, I have a cute story to share:

When it was lunch and a movie, we were planning on going to a theater near her house.  She had texted me “What time should I pick you up?” I wrote back telling her I would meet her at her house, why should she drive the whole way here, just to go the whole way back??  “Because if I come pick you up we get to spend more time together.”  OH MAH GOODNESS.  That is the sweetest thing ever.

But now, we aren’t going to the movies.  When I was trying to decide what to do, I asked her how long I would have her for…all day if I wanted.  That may have stressed me out a bit.  All day is a lot of time to plan for.  So I decided I would plan lunch and an activity (can’t tell you what yet, I want to surprise her) and that if we decided that the date was going well, we could extend it and find other things to do.

If it is at all possible, I like her even more than before we had this date planned.  I’ve always known she is very sweet and kind, but it feels like she’s been sweeter and kinder since Thursday night when it was decided we would go on a date on Sunday.

Yay for a date with my Crush!!!!  (I don’t think Chris could stop rolling his eyes at me when I came bounding down the steps Thursday night to share with them)  I’m quite all excited!!

So, if the date goes well, which I am 99% certain it will, I will be back here on Monday morning to tell you all about it.  If the date doesn’t go well, I will share the other secret that I have been sitting on for the last wow, almost four months!!  Who says I’m not a good secret keeper!!!  (Either way, you’ll know the secret next week!!)


More of those Deep Thoughts

(Yes, I know I still owe you more Florida posts, and I have a very important post planned for after those too!!  But right now I want to talk about The Hunger Games…so WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

Have you read them?  I want to say it was about a year ago that Lyz and I were introduced to them.  We were wrapped up instantly.  Lyz read them first, a rarity for us.  Usually I read first and pass it on to Lyz.  I remember Lyz watching me read.  Her eyes filled with anticipation and her asking me “Where are you at?”

At the end of book one, she asked the all important question.  Team Peeta or Team Gale?  I instantly responded with TEAM GALE!!!  She smiled.  I asked who she was for?  She said she was the same team, all the way until the end, and then switched sides.

I kept reading.  I bawled my eyes out when Peeta told Katniss always.  You think I would’ve switched teams right then, but I didn’t.  You think I would’ve cursed the ground Gale walked on after the parachutes.  But, I didn’t.

Asking everyone Team Peeta or Team Gale became my quest.  I made so many people read the books.  Short List: Danielle, JLynn, Fran, Melissa, Elissa, Crush, Crush’s mom, honestly, I could go on.  I demanded they all tell me which team at the end of each book.  I found Lyz and I in the minority.  Me even further.  The only person I know who agrees with me is Crush’s mom!  (I may have told Crush to tell her mom she is my hero)  People seemed to love Peeta.  And they stayed that way.   I got into several facebook fights with the girls I work with in the great Peeta vs. Gale debate.

When I told Crush to read the books, I realized that I really should switch teams.  I thought “Maybe I’m the one hung up on Team Gale because I was going through a horrible place when I read them.  I need to read them again, afterall, Peeta says ‘Always'”

So I did.  I tried very very hard to not let the gut Team Gale opinion overshadow my reading.

But the books ended.  I still loved Gale.

I know I’m “wrong” here.  Gale could be the person who killed Primrose.  Peeta says “Always”.  I should be on Team Peeta.  But I simply can’t do it.  I am too faithful.

Faithful.  I worked with Danielle this morning.  Since the movie is quickly approaching, we were of course discussing the great Peeta vs. Gale debate.  Faithful.  Peeta may have offered Always, but Gale with there first.  She should be faithful to him.

“Gale is mine.  I am his.  Anything else is unthinkable.”  Katniss Everdeen.

It is all about faithfullness to me.  And at the same time, I understand.  Sometimes things change.  People change.  Peeta did offer Always.  Gale never did.

While Danielle and I were chatting at work this morning, I started to panic a little.  If I am so hung up on Team Gale, does that mean I am still hung up on my ex-wife?

I thought a lot about it.  I know the answer with 100% certainty.  No.  I want nothing to do with her.  Do you know how freeing that is?

Moral of the story.  In the fictional world, I am Team Gale.  But in the real world, Team Peeta all the way, after all, he offered ALWAYS.