A week in quick review

I am about to go back and actually update the blog on all the happenings day by day, but I thought I would also do one quick one so that people who really don’t want to read a bunch of boring posts could just skim one quick one.

There was a really bad storm.

Avery had soccer practice:

Delaney got arrested.

We went to dinner for Roxanne’s birthday.

We got ready for the garage sale.

We had the garage sale.

We had fun with Debbie the Deer.

We had a McDonald’s House Party.

Jenn and Lyz had softball practice.

Avery graduated from Preschool.

We celebrated graduation at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Avery had pictures for her dance recital.

Phew, we have been busy!! (there were other things of course, but these are the major points!!)


One thought on “A week in quick review

  1. I love your ‘review’ of all your posts – you are too funny!

    Chris may have sworn off McDonalds but looking at that picture makes my stomach rumble . . .

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