Monday, May 24, 2010

Sniffle, Sniffle. Avery graduated from PrePreschool today!! Pre-Preschool you ask? Well yes, she won’t be 5 in time to start kidnergarden in the fall, so she will be returning to preschool for one more year. This should stop us all from getting teary eyed during graduation right? I mean, she isn’t REALLY graduating. Oh sure, we were all fine and dandy until they started playing Pomp and Circumstance and we glimpsed Avery in her cap and gown!!

Avery's PrePreschool Graduation 5/24/10

They sang a few cute songs:

They got their diploma’s:

And then we took lots of pictures:

After graduation we headed to Chuck E. Cheese’s to celebrate:

Then we split up for a bit. Lyz and the girls went to Lyz’s doctor appointment (two cracked bones in her foot, her new boot is soooo sexy!) and Jenn and I to my laser hair removal appointment (it gets more and more owie every time!!). Then we met up again for Avery’s dance pictures!!!

My facebook status was ” I am surrounded by 100 little girls in tutus. This is girly girl heaven!”

Avery's Dance Pictures 5/24/10

Once that was done we headed to Chris’s softball game. It was raining (ended up pouring and soaking us all!) so I didn’t take my camera out of the car.

After Chris’s game we headed out to dinner and home to collapse in to bed! (where I finally watched the rest of the Series Finale of Lost and was extremely ticked off.”


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