Do you speak CLADJJHenese??

We have our own special language. And by we, I guess I mean mostly Lyz and I. Some examples include:

  • Leo-  A leo is what you are when you are being stupid.  I could explain the background on this one, but I would feel kinda silly doing that.  I’ll just say it has something to do with gymnastics and leave it at that.
  • GOL-  Lyz and I text A LOT.  It came to the point that we were overusing the term “LOL” which means laugh out loud.  We needed something that meant I ACTUALLY laughed out loud, so we came up with GOL which means I really actually giggled out loud.
  • The Rolling Crankies/Grumpies- While we were in Daytona they were going through the coldest spell they had in a long time.  Granny Franny put on her winter coat for the first time in the 15 years she had lived there.  This resulted in a lot of people having to turn on their heat, something unheard of!!  This resulted in an over-usage of electricity.  This resulted in rolling blackouts.   There were a couple of times we would be standing out on the balcony at 3am and all of the lights across the street would go out, for about a minute, then come back on.  A few minutes later all of the lights on our side of the street would then go out, and come back on a minute later.   Jenn spent the majority of our vacation sick.  She tried to put on a good face and smile, but some days she just wasn’t feeling it.  Lyz and I started to refer to this as the Rolling Crankies.  Jenn would be happy and excited one minute, and then cranktackular for a few moments, then right back to happy.  A Rolling Cranky.
  • VD-You might think that we are talking about venereal disease.  Nope, Vampire Diaries.
  • Why is it that when I think of these posts in my head I can think of a few million terms to give examples with, but when I actually sit down to type my mind goes blank?
  • Sarah MyC***lin- This I cannot explain.  It does make me GOL to see it in writing though.
  • Stir the Fire- This is an oldie, but a goodie.  Years ago (pre-break) we would camp twice every Summer in the Poconos and go to the Poconos NASCAR races.  We would have so much fun playing card games until all hours of the night.  Lyz and I used to tell Chris and Jenn that they needed to go stir the fire, and they would.  What they didn’t know (at the time, they do now) was that Lyz and I would then stack the decks of cards in our favor.  Here Chris and Jenn just thought Lyz and I were really good card players, nope, you two are just really gullible.  I still don’t understand how they didn’t catch on, we would be hysterically GOLing when they would come back to the table!!
  • Pre-Break, While-On-Break, Post-Break- This is semi obvious.  They are the three major time frames of our friendship.  There is Pre-Break which is 1998-2002.  While-On-Break which is 2003-2006.  Post-Break is 2006-infinity.  This particular set of terms is actually spreading.  Chris’s dad even uses them!!
  • The Crazy One-I proved my point, so I have erased this definition.

Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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