Avery spends the night!!

Last week we were at dinner and I made a comment how I was going to cut off all of Avery’s hair and take it home with me.  She got up from the table and came and stood next to me, wrapping her arm around me so lovingly.  She leaned in and whispered into my ear “You can’t cut off my hair, but you can take me home!”  We couldn’t that night (I was SUPER busy at work that weekend) so we made a date for her to spend last night with us.

We picked her up after the gym and went to dinner. During dinner she got teary that she missed her mommy. A phone call and a promise that we would go visit after dinner and she was all better. In fact after dinner she made us promise not to take her home!

When we got home we had lots of craft projects lined up. First we made a volcano!!!

Then we made gifts for Mommy, Daddy, Baam and Delaney:

(leftover paint was used to decorate the volcano!)

Then we went to bed. Avery seems to sleep the same way every time she spends the night. With her legs and feet on top of me. I can move her and roll over and before I am comfortable again her legs are right back on top of me! Jenn woke her up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and when she climbed back into bed she wrapped her arms around me and fell right back to sleep!!! <3!!

In the morning we got up and went to breakfast and then came back home to blow up the volcano. We used club soda and the little tablets that the kit came with. What a dud!!

Avery spends the night 2/27-28/10

Thankfully I remembered a trick from 7th grade science…baking soda and vinegar…that was a hit!

Avery spends the night 2/27-28/10

After we were done with the volcano (and the dining room and Minne were all red!) we headed out to lunch. Halfway through her pizza, Avery started crying! Now she didn't want to go home!! We promised her she can come spend the night again soon!! She can't wait, and neither can we!

One more picture…My bra is so big the cat uses it for a bed:


One thought on “Avery spends the night!!

  1. Avery is lucky to have such fun aunties!!!

    My pup loves to curl up in our undergarments too. Pets are so weird.

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