Did you know…

That there is a second verse to “You Are My Sunshine”?

The other night dear,
While I was sleeping,
I dreamt I held you in my arms.
But when I woke dear,
I was mistaken,
So I hung my head down and cried.

I may be sitting at my desk bawling right now.


10 thoughts on “Did you know…

  1. I cry every time I try to sing that verse, most recently this afternoon.

    Unrelated, when do you come back from FL?

  2. I always have to change that part up since I can’t sing it the way it’s written. “And when I woke dear, you were right beside me, so I kissed your head and I smiled.”

  3. Yep. My mom used to sing it to me all the time. I cry often when I hear it as well. Just last Saturday I picked up a children’s Putamayo CD and it has a zydeco style You are my Sunshine on it. And I love you a bushel and a peck…love that song too.

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