Sometimes, she is really insightful

Conversation in our house last night after watching someone say “Life is an adventure…sure there are rough spots, but there are spots of joy too”

Jenn:  When is it our turn for joy?

Heidi: Someday.  We have joy now though right?

Jenn: Well of course, that isn’t what I meant.  I meant where is our kid?

Heidi: I wish I knew that answer.

Jenn: Oh well, at least I know that a life with just the two of us will be happy and fun!

Heidi: Yes, yes it will be.

Jenn: And ya know what?  Always and Auntie, Never a mommy, isn’t the worst thing in the world!

(isn’t she cute!)


3 thoughts on “Sometimes, she is really insightful

  1. yep an auntie is like a grandparent you get to enjoy ALL of the fun things…..i know in my heart that the both of you will have a child some day… you both!

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