As I type this from my desk at work four things are happening:

  1. CLAD is crossing the border between Georgia and Florida. (Due to the forecaster weather they left last night.)
  2. Jenn is cheating on me by going to the car wash without me. (Why yes, we are about to drive through a snow storm so there is no point in washing the car, but when I brought this fact up to her, I just got glared at, so I dropped it.)
  3. Joni is running through the house trying to figure out how many more bags/totes/boxes she can con us into cramming in the back of the car.
  4. My mother is having a panic attack.

See this:

Yep, we pretty much have to drive through all of that to get to Florida. So, keep your fingers crossed! We are hoping to leave by noon today so that we are out of the worst of the snow by dark. We will be back February 17. I’m hoping that we get good internet signal in the condo so that I can continue to blog (and brag). If not you can always friend us on facebook where I’m sure we will be posting a ton of pictures!!

Miss you all tons!


3 thoughts on “Florida

  1. Oh geez, I hope that the forecast is worse than the reality! I’ll be thinking “safe trip” thoughts as wishing that you have fun once there would be silly. Of course you will have fun, you’ll be with CLAD!
    Can’t wait to hear all about it and see pictures!

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