More fun in the (not so sun)

It  is a very rainy day here today.  But we still managed to have fun.  Right now Chris is making us grilled cheese for dinner (mmmm yummy).

This morning we got up and met Lyz’s friend Julie and her husband Mike for lunch at Cracker Barrel.  I love Cracker Barrel.  I love their hashbrown casserole.  YUMMY!

We drove around this afternoon for a bit just seeing the sights.  Right now Delaney is playing with a ZhuZhu pet on the dining room table next to me.  This is funny because the other night I was laying on the floor and she decided to play with the ZhuZhu pet on my head.  It got stuck in my head.

Just had to take a break with Delaney to go play with the clock radio.  She sat there and pushed all the buttons turning the radio off and on.  Spending this much time with the girls has simply made my heart swell for them so much more.  It is amazing how much I love them!!

A few of my favorite pictures so far (while I can still “borrow” wifi from someone without a password protected account):
Snow while driving:

Jenn organizing the fridge:

Beach Play:

Kite Flying:

Shuttle Launch 2/8/10 (4:39am)

I have a million more pictures that I LOVE, it was very hard to only pick a million to post!!!


3 thoughts on “More fun in the (not so sun)

  1. wow, those beach pictures are beautiful. sitting under florescent lights in a crappy office all day, you forget such beauty is going on at the same time. soak up some sun for me!

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