The Ten Commandments-Part Two

Kay, so what got me started on my Ten Commandments rant?

First I took a call from a hotel guest that had stayed here for Sukkot. She was very upset because she realized she had taken a towel home accidentally. She wanted to know if she should mail it back or send us a check to replace it. I told her that it really wasn’t worth doing either option, thank you for being honest with us, but one towel isn’t worth the hassle, especially since it was an accident. Her response? “What, you want God to be angry with me for breaking a commandment? You do know that one of the ten commandments is “Thou Shalt Not Steal” don’t you?”

She demanded to be transferred to someone higher than me to get their answer, which was exactly the same. This isn’t the Ritz, we ain’t got none of them there classy fluffy towels here.

Second, I may have rear-ended Jenn’s car while it was parked in front of me in my work parking lot.  I was parked behind her, on a hill, and when I took my foot off the brake my car drifted forward a hair and tapped her car.  Her car didn’t even move.

BUT, some other woman in the parking lot started screaming at me how I was horrible for not leaving a note.

1-Jenn’s truck is ANCIENT.  But it runs, is paid off, and holds a lot of memories for me.  I have never known Jenn without the truck.

2-The truck didn’t move.

3-Technically, I’m partial owner of the truck so why should I leave a note?

So I roll down my window and explain to the woman that the truck is mine also.  She doesn’t believe me.  Thou shalt not lie, she screams.  I calmly grab my keys out of my purse (no, my car key is not on my key ring, don’t ask) and walk to Jenn’s truck, open the door, start the truck and smile.  See?  Mine.

She didn’t apologize, she simply stomped away muttering that I was rude for not leaving a note.


2 thoughts on “The Ten Commandments-Part Two

  1. Craziness!! After the second encounter, I would have to go straight home and not leave my room until I was sure I was going to stop attracting such madness.

    Really – the second lady should have at least offered an apology. Or admitted she was wrong. Or both!

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