All you can eat shrimp or BUST!

Not quite in that order.

Saturday we had a wonderfully full day. First we headed to the area’s annual Bridge Bust. They shut down one of the bridges going over the Susquehanna River and turn it into a glorious craft show! Joni, Lyz, Avery, Delaney, Jenn and I all stuffed ourselves into the car and headed out.

I told my mom that she has to come out next year. The whole bridge was filled with things I know my mom would love. My absolute favorite thing?:

This beautiful child’s desk. I love it. I would have killed for such an awesome desk when I was little. As it was my poor mother and I spent years looking for a specific type of desk and never found it! Joni had been inside a booth when I spotted it and I almost sat on it to stop other people from looking at it. I pulled her up to it and we both just stared for a moment. We thought the man had built it, so Joni asked if she could get it in a different stain to match her dining room. Nope, it was an antique. This made it even more desirable. Joni asked my opinion and I said “I would have given anything for this desk as a child.” And it was hers. It looks perfect in Joni’s dining room, even if the stain doesn’t match perfectly!

Everyone that I have told “We went to the Bridge Bust” instantly asks “What did you get??” Well…I got some dog treats and cat treats, Jenn got a cute little sign (Lyz got the same one…story is not blog appropriate), and I also got a rockin’ sunburn. Yes, I am so darn pale that I managed to get a sunburn, in October, with a high of 68.

More Pictures from the Bridge Bust:

What happens when you buy so much stuff you fill the double stroller with it?:

And what happens when you buy a child’s desk, 3 big stalks of corn, several other bags of goodies, and two giant bags of freebies?

That second picture is of Avery and Delaney. What? You can’t see them? You should see the position Jenn and Joni are in…

We had enough time after the bridge bust to run home and change before meeting Joni, Chris, Lyz, Delaney, Shawn, Chele, Shannon and McKenna for dinner at Red Lobster. This is a funny story in and of itself. Jenn and Lyz are really the only two shrimp lovers of the bunch, well Avery too, but she went to spend the night at GreatAunt Eileen’s house. When a vote was put up on where we should meet for dinner, and Jenn was in charge of handling the votes, we somehow ended up at Red Lobster. Not quite sure how this happened, other than it is all you can eat shrimp and Jenn loves her some shrimp.

We had a delightful dinner and continued to sit and chat even though Chris had left us all to head into work. Jenn and Delaney were playing. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but Delaney has a thing for Jenn’s hair. She loves it spiked, she loves it soft, she loves it long time. When she was littler she would accompany her hair rubbing with a creepy little noise, thankfully she has outgrown that, because it was really quite creepy.

At the dinner table she was quite happy to simply be rubbing her face and hands all over Jenn’s spikes:

And then she made the happiest little “sigh” sound and reached around Jenn’s whole head and hugged it:


3 thoughts on “All you can eat shrimp or BUST!

  1. Wow, that craft show sounds awesome! I would love something like that…

    And Delaney looks so much like Avery that I had to go and reread the bit above, thinking that it was Avery doing the hair love thing. Wow!! She is her spitting image in these pictures!

  2. Hi Jenn here

    Two comments

    First, All you can eat shrimp comes once a year. Enough said!!

    Second, I love me some Delaney hugs!!!

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