Balloon Release

Awhile back I mentioned going to the dead baby party.  While there I met so many wonderful women.  And other than Facebook, I haven’t seen them (not including Lyz of course) since.

One of the women, Stephanie, founded the Sweet Pea Project after losing her daughter Madeline. This year she organized a balloon release for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

It was magical. I know, magical doesn’t seem like the right word to describe a bunch of families releasing balloons to the skies and tears from their eyes. But it really was. It was solidarity. It was amazing. The cloudy sky opened up right as the baby’s names were read so that the balloons were highlighted on their way up into the heavens.

Stephanie really thought of everything. The paper that we wrote notes on was seed paper so that when the (biodegradable) balloon burst the seed paper will plant wildflowers.

Stephanie was so sweet. While we had met at the DBP, we hadn’t really talked all that much. When she saw me she told me that she was so sorry that the worst day of my life, was the happiest day of hers. Her rainbow baby was born the day Blue died. It was so beyond sweet of her to think that she needed to apologize for something like that! It made me weepy.

We also met up with Lyz, Avery and Delaney (who had to leave early to get to a Halloween Party, hence the costumes), and Andrea, Belle, Hudson and Nicole to honor Lyz’s Angles (long story), Asiah and Max.

More pictures:

(check out Delaney’s face)

Balloons for Blue, Honeydew, 3 angels and Right, Obtuse and Isosceles:


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