A couple of things from this week

Phew, long week!

On Tuesday night I made a big bold move for me. One of my Do One Thing Each Day That Scares You x 1million. I joined the SHARE Walk to Remember Committee. I went by myself to meet a bunch of strangers and talk about getting this years walk organized. I just don’t do such things. But the other day I was sitting in my office thinking about my circle of friends. They all have their own things. Chris and Jenn have softball teams. Lyz has BUNCO and mommy groups. Joni has her bowling. Even Avery and Delaney have play groups and classes that they do. Me? Other than work, I’ve got nothing. And as I sat there pondering this I noticed I had a new email. From Share. Looking for committee members. It took me all of 2 seconds to write back that I would be there. Yay me! In case you are curious, I am currently in charge of getting someone to donate port-a-potties. hehehe

Wednesday was moving day. I was up all night with a migraine. Jenn was up all night with a horrible cough (due to the scary amounts of dust in our house). I texted Lyz at one point on Wednesday morning that I was pretty sure we had five people living under our bed, and we would have never known. I have no idea how we collected so much crap. I’m going to have to take a picture of the new basement and living room. There are just stacks of CRAP everywhere. (On a related note, Lyz asked me last night what the stupidest thing I’d unpacked so far was…a candy bar wrapper. Why didn’t it just get thrown away!!!????!!!)

So, back to moving. Lyz, Chris, Avery, Delaney, and Shawn showed up at the old place to help out. Delaney and Avery thought the moving truck ramp made an awesome playground! It was so cute. Chris and Shawn did the majority of the heavy work. They rock. We were totally amazed at how quickly they got everything out of the house and into the truck.

Taking a break:

Lyz helped me finish packing up the odds and ends in the kitchen. Even Avery and Delaney had their important jobs. Avery was in charge of removing our rather extensive magnet collection from the fridge:

(we had enough to fill that entire tea jar)
Delaney was in charge of packing up the paint:

When we got over the the new place Joni met us there. She was in charge of dusting (how embarrassing) and organizing the chest freezer. Joni is a cleanliness and organizing queen!! She is also an awesome decorator. Jenn and I have joked about locking her in the new place so she can make it look perfect!!

Last night we went over to CLAD’s to celebrate a very important date. Avery’s four and a half birthday! It is so cute that she wants to celebrate it. We had cake and sang (don’t forget the cha cha cha) and watched her blow out all of her candles with one breath!

Jenn is currently at the old place finishing up a few repairs and cleaning jobs. Behind where our entertainment stand was the air intake grate for the heater/ac. It had never been moved in the 6 years we lived there. GAH-ROSS. Avery thought it was hysterical how dirty it was. She asked me if we moved to the new place so that we didn’t have to live with the dirt anymore! In an hour or two the doors to the old place will be closed. The keys turned in. It makes me a little sad. We’ve had many good years there. But the new place is so spacious! Even if all that space is currently cluttered with boxes and tubs and piles.

Tonight we are going out for Vanessa’s birthday (Lyz’s sister). Monday is moving day for Joni. I love when there is lots going on. Although lots going on leaves less time for the boxes to get unpacked. Someone really needs to invent a box that unpacks itself!!


One thought on “A couple of things from this week

  1. good for you for getting out and getting involved. its so hard to do that…i keep talking about needing to find something other than work, but its hard to get motivated (and brave enough to go meet a group of strangers!!)

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