Reason 1,345,745 we are moving

(according to Jenn, I’m not as bothered by the following)

Preview: A text sent to my Mother “There is a bat on my front door. And not the kind you play baseball with.”

Jenn picked me up from work with a car load of stuff to take to DIR. We headed over and you would be so proud of me!! I made two bins of stuff to sell at the garage sale, and two bins of trash. Yes, we moved stuff and then I threw it away. It works better that way. Don’t ask. I guess if I have to find a place to put it in the new place, it makes it easier to get rid of it!

Anywho, then we headed home. I held the screen open so Jenn could unlock the front door. She backed up into me and said “What is that?”

I looked up, “Oh! Its a bat!!”

Jenn ran. “NO, its not.”
“Yes, it is.”
“I’m going to get Mike.”

So she goes and gets our neighbor who was kind enough to come take the bat away from our front door. His fiance, Jenn, and her two daughters came out to watch the fun.

Mike grabbed a kitchen towel, in case the bat had rabies, reached up and took the bat down.

He then took the bat to a nearby tree, talked to it a bit, and put it in the tree.

Jenn on the other had stood there staring at the door wondering how long the bat had been there. How many trips in and out of the house with a bat hanging over her head.

Wanna know what I asked her? Whatcha gonna do next week when we don’t live next to Mike anymore?
Her answer? Call Chris.


3 thoughts on “Reason 1,345,745 we are moving

  1. oh my god, why are someone’s fingers touching that bat?! ewwwww!!! and uggghh!!! 😛

    we’ve had two bat-in-the-house experiences — so, so, so traumatic for me! im such a wimp, the first time i went running, the second i dove under a blanket. both times, leaving my poor wife to deal with it alone. i dont know what i would have done if i had been single…ran outside and never have gone back in, probably!

  2. ACK! Last night I found a dead snake in our back yard and called my wife and told her we needed to MOVE. Seriously.

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