More Heidi weirdness.

I didn’t get my drivers license until I was almost 18. The only reason I did get it when I did was because my permit was about to expire and I had no desire to take drivers ed again. I was so sick that day, getting over pneumonia, that my Dad practically carried me into the DMV. I’m simply not a fan of driving. I don’t even do go-karts because I just don’t see the point in paying to do something that I had doing for free.

Once I did have my license, I went very few places. Only places that I could get to with my eyes closed. My Aunt Kari joked that I could go from point A to point B and point B to point C, but in order to get from A to C I’d have to make a pit stop at B.

When we moved into our current townhouse (which we are now referring to as P.O.S.-piece of crap) I was okay because Jenn’s parents live right down the road, so I already knew my way around. I even mapped out two seperate routes between work and home that were different, so that I wouldn’t have to turn left without a red light. Pathetic aren’t I?

On New Key Day it hit me that where we are moving is a WHOLE NEW AREA. The new townhouse (which we are now referring to as D.I.R-diamond in the rough), is in an area that I know very little about. Sure, it is near our favorite Mexican place, and just a road over from the mall, but I have no idea how to get from here to there. Or there to here. Or to work, or to CLAD’s or….omg.

So yesterday when Jenn picked me up from work I made her drive me to DIR. Take the exact route that I will be taking to get home please. Then we drove right from DI R to POS. I can figure out how to get to work from the major highway, not a problem. But holy heck. Ladies (and maybe a few gentleman), there are required left hand turns with no lights. To get onto the major highway I am going to have to merge. To say I’m a little nervous is quite the understatement.

Jenn has promised to drive me, or with me, the first few days to work. See, this unemployment thing works out upon occasion. Lyz, Chris and Jenn have promised to answer any panicked, frantic phone calls when I get lost those first few weeks. Lyz even promised me that she wouldn’t even laugh when I call.

I can do this. I can do this.

(small funny Avery story-Avery was all about April Fool’s Day this year. She joked about all the silly things that only a four year old can think up. Avery knew we were getting ready to move, heck she went to most of our walk throughs-she saw more than I did, so I thought I would get her. I said “So, you know we are moving soon, right?” “Uhh, duh Heidi” did we tell you that we are moving to Florida?”. Avery gave me look that I read as “hahaha Heidi, April Fool’s”, so I dropped it.

Yesterday, while Jenn and I were loading up my car with some stuff to take to DIR, Jenn’s phone rang. It was Avery. Lyz had told her that they were going to go look at our new place, after her dance class. Avery didn’t believe her! She said, no, Jenn and Heidi are moving to Florida, we can’t drive the whole way there!! Jenn had to explain that I was telling Avery a April Fool when I said that!!)


3 thoughts on “More Heidi weirdness.

  1. What about a gps???? I am kind of like you…..I know how to get to places HOWEVER I have no idea what the name of the roads…my directions are go to the big blue house and turn right,…etc….drives my husband NUTS…..when I was planning my fathers 80th surprise birthday party many years ago when I was righting the directions my husband would answer my questions… what is the name of the street of the blue house where I turn right is……funny when I sued to work and the radio would say such and such is closed I would have to call my husband and ask if that was my street….lol……I know sad …but I love my gps……really do

  2. When we moved into our current house (in a new town) I was all excited until I realized I was going to have to find a new gas station, new bank, new movie rental story. I nearly had a panic attack. Thinking back, I think I did have a panic attack.

    Be strong!

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