Mingo Monday 1/10/2011

The last of the 2010 Mingos

I’m going to start with an unmingo related item. I don’t know what happened, but I never took a picture of our Christmas Tree this year. I almost put all of the ornaments back on the tree when I realized this, but instead I took a picture of my favorite ornament

Now onto the Mingos!!

I get a lot of Mingos for Christmas every year, this year’s haul was quite awesome if I do say so myself. The following mingos came from Joni, Lyz and Christina:

Okay, so the last two aren’t ornaments, but they are Christmas mingos just the same. The reddish one is a pen who is related to this one. The packet is of mingo confetti! I cannot wait to sprinkle the mingo confetti all over the world!!!


Mingo Monday 12-6-10

I have been meaning to show off these two mingos for awhile. But I kept forgetting to take their pictures. Well I remembered to bring the camera to work this morning so here we go!

Get Better Mingo #1

I have a favorite Aunt. Her name is Kari. I don’t see or talk to her all that often, but she will always be my favorite. I did hear she has texting, so maybe I will start texting her! (it is my preferred method of communication after all!)

Kari and her husband David adopted the most adorable little boy, Will. So when I was in the hospital for my gallbladder surgery they sent me a get better card. Now I kinda “blame” Kari for the flamingo obsession. If you go way back to the very first Mingo Monday you will see why.

Anywho, Kari helped will make me a get well soon card:

Isn’t it adorable!! I love it so much! Thank you!!

Get Better Mingo #2
A few days after I got home from the hospital I was surprised by another envelope in my mailbox. Inside was adoption papers for my very own flamingo from the National Zoo!!

She (He?) was given to me as a get better present by the wonderful members of my “book club”. Book club is in quotes because it isn’t really a book club, but the group of women (and a couple of men) that I have been friends online with since 2002. We all met when planning our weddings and have been rocking the online forums ever since.

Thank you!! (Especially Debi, Heather and Lori (in alphabetical order so that they don’t think I’m more thankful for one over the other)

Mingo Monday 11/29/10

It isn’t just about the Mingos…

Growing up I hated the color pink. My mother reminds me of this often. She could never get me to wear pink, red or flowers. Or belts, I still have an aversion to red, flowers and belts. Lyz and Jenn often tell me how wonderful I look in red. I hate it. I had to go buy a red shirt to wear to Lyz’s dad’s viewing (he passed four years ago today, you are missed Norm).

But pink, I’ve totally changed my opinion on pink. I love it. It is my signature. Lyz texted today and asked “What color balloons should I get for Chris’s birthday party?” My answer, “Pink of course!!”

If given an option of color choices, I will always choose pink. For example:
Doesn’t everyone need a pink deer in their outdoor Christmas display?????

My mom and dad buy me a KitchenAid mixer one year for Christmas, what color do I want????????

(yes, not the best picture, but it is what I have lol)
Colored streaks for my hair????

I always choose pink. If I’m looking at shirts and pink is an option, I choose the pink one. When it is legal and we get married again, PINK will be the color. I joked at the 1st wedding that my bridesmaid(s) were going to walk down the aisle as flamingos and the groomsmen as palm trees..

So, it isn’t just flamingos in PINK that I love, it is PINK in general!!

Mingo Monday 11/15/10

Tis the Season!!

My mom sent me some money for my birthday and Jenn made me promise to buy something that wasn’t rational and that I normally wouldn’t buy for myself.

So I bought:

SantaMingo, two ReinMingos and Rudy the Red-Beak ReinMingo.

Aren’t they totally adorable? You should see the directions that came with them. Such wonderful tidbits as:

#2-Squeeze ball and find opening in ball. Squeeze and push on Rudy’s beak. (Which one of the three is Rudy? Who knows? Ask all three)

#4-Straighten, bend and move antlers in direction and appearance you wish. (After all everyone’s hair or antlers get ruffled laying too long in a box.)

#6-Twist tie Christmas bow around RudiMingo’s neck, after all, this is not Easter.

I love them. I admire them every morning when I leave for work, and every evening when I get home. When CLAD+J came over the other night I showed them off.

Jenn, she loves them too, although she won’t admit it. She rolls her eyes and asks “What did I get into when I married you??”

Mingo Monday 11/8/10

Tis the Season!!

My first holimingo of the holiday season is brought to you by my coworker Jenn.  Now, lets not get this confused as my first holimingo purchase of the season…you are just going to have to wait and see the awesome holimingos I have in store for you!

For now, we go back to the loverly gift coworker Jenn gave me:

It starts with a loverly sparkly ball:

Add a Santa Hat:

And voila!!

A Santa Mingo Pen:

Thank you Jenn!!!!!

Mingo Monday 11/1/10

Mingos I’ve never seen 🙂

Occasionally I get notices from Facebook that I have been tagged in pictures by people who I haven’t met or seen in ages. I’m never surprised by what I find:

From Nickie:
Busch Garden’s Mingos

From Joelene:
Pittsburgh Zoo Mingo

From Christine:
Mingo Kites