Sight and Sound

On Monday we went to Sight and Sound again, this time for a hospitality mixer. When these hospitality functions happen, I “hire” Lyz, and sometimes Joni if we need more “employees”, at the hotel so they can come to these fun free functions. This is the first “meet and greet” we have gone too, and I was worried it was going to be lame. I didn’t want to drag everyone out to something just to have them be bored to tears.

But OH MY GOSH this was a BLAST!!!! We got there and they gave us food coupons, a free cd of all of the songs from Joseph, a backstage pass, and a cute little bag…that was empty? We were confused until we got inside. They had a huge spread! Hot dogs, veggies and dip, drinks, chips, all the popcorn and candied almonds we could eat, and a huge bowl of candy on our table!! The bowl of candy made us laugh because we were all “fighting” over the good ones (and then when Jenn got home she realized she grabbed the wrong bag and there were no Butterfingers in it). Lyz had never tried a Baby Ruth before! For some reason she was convinced that it had coconut or something else that she didn’t like!

After we ate we got ready to take our tour. We thought it would be a little walk up to the stage and that would be all. Oh heck no! First we went out to the barns to meet some of the animals that preform in the shows. My favorite was the skunk. I LOVE the smell of skink…it smells like Sugar Smacks to me!

Then we went back inside to stand on the stage! It was amazing. When you are sitting there watching the show the stage doesn’t seem all that big. It is 22,000 square feet! It was amazing. Avery was all smiles looking around. She even got picked to pass bags of rice and act like they were really heavy!

After the stage tour we went into the dressing room. Avery got to touch Joseph’s multicolored coat! Delaney had done so well the whole time until we got into the dressing room. Then she took all of the potato chips that were in her stroller snack tray and threw them on the floor. She then turned around and looked at us and laughed hysterically!

Then we went out to the lobby for storytime. This was probably the most interesting to me. The woman who told the story was outstanding. She told the story of David and Goliath. She just did such a wonderful job of doing a one person production of the story. She had awesome voices and movements!!

New Message

She had Avery and Delaney totally enthralled.

After she was done with the story David and Goliath came out to meet the kids and do a photo session. Avery wanted nothing to do with Goliath. He did have an awfully scary voice! But she sure did want to hold his sword!

Delaney on the other hand thought he was just the neatest thing ever!!!

Then Avery went to meet some of the other actors from Joseph and got her picture taken:
Potipher’s wife:

An Egyptian soldier:

It was truly and awesome evening! We are totally planning on going to the next meet and greet too because it is at Dutch Wonderland!!!


One thought on “Sight and Sound

  1. How very cool! That Goliath is pretty scary. I don’t know that I would have wanted to have anything to do with him either.

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