Mingo Monday 4/19/10

More Mingo’s who are losing their place in life.

Amazingly enough, they also live on a light switch!! When we first moved into the apartment, we moved from a tiny (although it had an awesome layout) one bedroom apartment with no storage. We were starting to try and get pregnant (dear goodness, we’ve been working on this for 6 years!!!) and needed more space. Like I’ve said before it took one small moving van. The house was totally empty when we got everything in. We even went (with the small moving van) to Ikea and got 7 large pieces of furniture. There are three bedrooms in POS. One we’ve used as the actual bedroom. The other two were split between Jenn and I. One became the craft room/flamingo cave. The other become the computer room/Jenn’s sports paraphernalia room. I have a rule in life that all rooms in the home I am living in must have a flamingo. In some rooms the flamingos are hidden (for instance if you look deep in the leaves you might find a flamingo roosting). For Jenn’s sports room, I had to be delicate with my flamingo placement. Couldn’t make the sports room look girly now could we?? So I picked up two foam mingos and made them perfect for Jenn’s room. Jenn is a HUGE Minnesota Vikings fan. Has been since she was three, she picked them because she liked purple when she was 3 🙂 I mean heck, did ya notice our dog was named Minnesota??

The Viking’s colors are purple and yellow, so these mingos were the perfect fit for Jenn’s room. And I love how their necks kinda make a heart. Jenn sees them every time she goes into her room, and knows that I love her!


Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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