So, yes, I’ve been quiet.  I have had a lot to blog about, just not the patience to sit down and blog.  I’ve been sucked into different books, sucked into my total addiction with texting, sucked into my mind and the thoughts it likes to have, sucked into a car that stresses me out daily (as payback, Emma is now sporting bunny ears, teach her to cost me $$).

But I’m back now.  Because I have something to say, and I didn’t want to keep it a secret from all of you.  (Which is funny, because I’m sitting on a bigger secret, that at least two of you caught on facebook the other day…that post is coming soon, I promise!  And Kirsten and Karen, don’t bother going to look on Facebook, I deleted the post!)

REAALLLLLYYYY long story short…I’m going on a date tomorrow.  With who??????


We were originally going to do lunch and a movie, but decided to change it up a bit and…wait, I have a cute story to share:

When it was lunch and a movie, we were planning on going to a theater near her house.  She had texted me “What time should I pick you up?” I wrote back telling her I would meet her at her house, why should she drive the whole way here, just to go the whole way back??  “Because if I come pick you up we get to spend more time together.”  OH MAH GOODNESS.  That is the sweetest thing ever.

But now, we aren’t going to the movies.  When I was trying to decide what to do, I asked her how long I would have her for…all day if I wanted.  That may have stressed me out a bit.  All day is a lot of time to plan for.  So I decided I would plan lunch and an activity (can’t tell you what yet, I want to surprise her) and that if we decided that the date was going well, we could extend it and find other things to do.

If it is at all possible, I like her even more than before we had this date planned.  I’ve always known she is very sweet and kind, but it feels like she’s been sweeter and kinder since Thursday night when it was decided we would go on a date on Sunday.

Yay for a date with my Crush!!!!  (I don’t think Chris could stop rolling his eyes at me when I came bounding down the steps Thursday night to share with them)  I’m quite all excited!!

So, if the date goes well, which I am 99% certain it will, I will be back here on Monday morning to tell you all about it.  If the date doesn’t go well, I will share the other secret that I have been sitting on for the last wow, almost four months!!  Who says I’m not a good secret keeper!!!  (Either way, you’ll know the secret next week!!)



7 thoughts on “Hi!

  1. Hahahahaha im sitting here freaking out wondering what secret you have been sittin on for 4 months ……… Pretty sure I finally figured it out

  2. So excited for you Heidi! And I’m excited for the other secret too, even though I’m 99% sure I know what it is. =)

  3. MUHAHAH. There’s a slim chance I already saw it. (I saw something notable on there, during a “I miss my old coworkers” facebook binge earlier, and you mentioning something here makes me believe I might have solved the mystery.)

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