More of those Deep Thoughts

(Yes, I know I still owe you more Florida posts, and I have a very important post planned for after those too!!  But right now I want to talk about The Hunger Games…so WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD!!!)

Have you read them?  I want to say it was about a year ago that Lyz and I were introduced to them.  We were wrapped up instantly.  Lyz read them first, a rarity for us.  Usually I read first and pass it on to Lyz.  I remember Lyz watching me read.  Her eyes filled with anticipation and her asking me “Where are you at?”

At the end of book one, she asked the all important question.  Team Peeta or Team Gale?  I instantly responded with TEAM GALE!!!  She smiled.  I asked who she was for?  She said she was the same team, all the way until the end, and then switched sides.

I kept reading.  I bawled my eyes out when Peeta told Katniss always.  You think I would’ve switched teams right then, but I didn’t.  You think I would’ve cursed the ground Gale walked on after the parachutes.  But, I didn’t.

Asking everyone Team Peeta or Team Gale became my quest.  I made so many people read the books.  Short List: Danielle, JLynn, Fran, Melissa, Elissa, Crush, Crush’s mom, honestly, I could go on.  I demanded they all tell me which team at the end of each book.  I found Lyz and I in the minority.  Me even further.  The only person I know who agrees with me is Crush’s mom!  (I may have told Crush to tell her mom she is my hero)  People seemed to love Peeta.  And they stayed that way.   I got into several facebook fights with the girls I work with in the great Peeta vs. Gale debate.

When I told Crush to read the books, I realized that I really should switch teams.  I thought “Maybe I’m the one hung up on Team Gale because I was going through a horrible place when I read them.  I need to read them again, afterall, Peeta says ‘Always'”

So I did.  I tried very very hard to not let the gut Team Gale opinion overshadow my reading.

But the books ended.  I still loved Gale.

I know I’m “wrong” here.  Gale could be the person who killed Primrose.  Peeta says “Always”.  I should be on Team Peeta.  But I simply can’t do it.  I am too faithful.

Faithful.  I worked with Danielle this morning.  Since the movie is quickly approaching, we were of course discussing the great Peeta vs. Gale debate.  Faithful.  Peeta may have offered Always, but Gale with there first.  She should be faithful to him.

“Gale is mine.  I am his.  Anything else is unthinkable.”  Katniss Everdeen.

It is all about faithfullness to me.  And at the same time, I understand.  Sometimes things change.  People change.  Peeta did offer Always.  Gale never did.

While Danielle and I were chatting at work this morning, I started to panic a little.  If I am so hung up on Team Gale, does that mean I am still hung up on my ex-wife?

I thought a lot about it.  I know the answer with 100% certainty.  No.  I want nothing to do with her.  Do you know how freeing that is?

Moral of the story.  In the fictional world, I am Team Gale.  But in the real world, Team Peeta all the way, after all, he offered ALWAYS.


4 thoughts on “More of those Deep Thoughts

  1. Didn’t Peeta give her the burned bread before she even met Gale, technically making Peeta the one who was there first?

  2. i am team Gale…i want to be team peeta but i can’t. good for you on your freeing moment!

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