Disney’s Epcot

This was the park that I was looking forward to the most!  I had been begging to go for years and years and years.  I wanted to go visit all of the countries and see all of the sights!!  I know that everyone usually thinks of Epcot as the lame/educational park, but that was what I wanted to see!!!  At the end of our first day at Epcot (we did two days of Epcot) Lyz turned to me and asked “Well, did you like it as much as you thought you would??”  I did.  It was exactly what I had expected!!  I loved the different architecture.  I loved the rides.  I loved it all.

The most unusual thing happened while we were there the second day.  My aunt Marcia posted on my facebook wall that my cousins were in Disney too.  So I texted one and asked where they were.  About an hour later (just as I sat down on the world’s longest boat ride) he texted me back saying they were in Epcot…where was I?  After a brief bit of confusion over which fountain they were at, I found them!

How totally awesome is that!?!  I haven’t seen them in years!  I was so excited!  I didn’t have much time to spend with them, as we had dinner reservations, and they had to fit all of Epcot into a few short hours, but still, it was awesome to just spend a few minutes with them.  Especially since my aunt, their mother, passed away in November.  It felt good to hug them and remind them that I love them and am here for them, even though I live far away. Love you S&S!!!

What We Did:

  • Mission: Space-Um.  I tried to put on a brave face as we got on the ride.  I don’t do well with simulated motion, but I didn’t want to look like a chicken to Avery, so instead of choosing to be on the Green Team (a less wild mission) I followed her onto the Orange Team.  It wasn’t too bad.  I did walk behind Chris and Avery as we exited, so they wouldn’t see my green face or me holding onto the walls!!
  • Test Track-This ride was interesting to me because the church I went to growing up is just across from one of Ford’s test tracks.  So seeing all of the pictures of the various GM test tracks held my interest.  The ride itself is pretty awesome!!  (It is billed as the longest fasted attraction in Disney history…that doesn’t seem right to me though lol)
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends- If you like Nemo, you will like this ride.  It was neat because you are in a “car” looking into different aquariums and Nemo and his friends swim through them.
  • Turtle Talk With Crush-Hands down one of my top five attractions.  Crush stops by to chat with the audience.  Totally Cool Dude!!!  I may have been getting a little annoyed with Chris during the show because he was trying to figure out how it all worked!!
  • Soarin-Again, a little bit of simulated motion, so I got a little dizzy, but it was completely bearable and I was fine the moment the ride was over.  You are hang gliding in California.  My favorite part was flying over the orange fields!
  • Living with the Land-This was actually a very interesting ride.  There is a lot about organic farming and alternative farming.  Delaney, Baam and I rode it together (this is the really long boat ride I was on when my cousins texted me).  Delaney spent the entire time making me read to her what all of the different plants were!
  • Maelstrom-This is a viking boat voyage in Norway.  Then you are forced to watch a five minute film.  Yes, forced.  But, as they exit you through the gift shop, please take some time to sniff the perfume they are trying to sell, it does smell pretty good.
  • Reflections of China-I made everyone do this.  I could tell they were all thrilled.  I found it interesting.  Well, I found the waiting room more interesting than the actual 14 minute show.
  • Germany-While there weren’t really any attractions in Germany, I feel that it deserves a mention here because of the beer.  Chris was a happy camper in Germany.
  • Kim Possible’s World Showcase Adventure-There is a mission set up a lot like the stamps in Animal Kingdom.  You go get a little cell phone and then follow clues around in different countries.  We did two of the countries.  The adults may have gotten a little bored.
  • KidCot-At each of the countries you can stop by and color a little on your Duffy the bear cutout and get your passport stamped (you can purchase a passport, or they will just stamp on Duffy’s handle).  The girls really enjoyed this!
  • IllumiNations-This is Epcot’s big fireworks show at the end of the evening.  We were just leaving dinner one evening as it started so we stood on the balcony of the restaurant and enjoyed the show.

Where We Ate:

  • Coral Reef Restaurant-Yummy.  Quite quite yummy.  This was a sit down and order off a menu place, so of course the majority of us ordered the most expensive item, which was a super delicious New York strip…drool.  Our waiter rocked.
  • Sunshine Seasons-This is a quick service place and we had breakfast here one day.  Most of us had bagels and they were yummy!
  • The Garden Grill-Family Style.  I would not choose to eat here again, it was probably my least favorite.  The food was good, please don’t get me wrong, but they were very skimpy with bringing it out.  The first plate they brought us barely fed two people and the other two adults had to wait quite a bit.  This is also character dining so we got to meet Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale!!
  • Akerhouse Royal Banquet Hall-This is princess dining!!  The girls dressed up as Belle to meet Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora and Ariel!!  This is a buffet/family style and we went for breakfast.  Chris, Lyz and Joni learned that they do not like plain yogurt.  (I love it, personally).  There is a buffet for pastries and yogurt and fruit, then they bring platters of eggs, hash browns (that were to die for!) and sausages.  Food was very good, but really, it is hard to find bad breakfast food!!
  • Teppan Edo-I think Lyz and I decided this was our favorite.  It was certainly mine!!  It is a Japanese Hibachi restaurant.  YUMMY!!! Tons of food.  Really good food.  And our chef was totally entertaining!!  He even turned the typical onion steam volcano into a Mickey shaped one!
  • Snack Must Have-In Japan at the Kabuki Cafe–SHAVED ICE with Strawberry!!  OMG delicious.  I am a snow-cone freak.  This shaved ice will make me frown the next time I get a snow cone.  I had two of them.  One each day we were at Epcot.  It was so so so so so yummy and the girls making them were so sweet!!  So yes, use one of your snack credits here if you are doing free dining.
  • Drink Must Have-Epcot has a huge variety of alcoholic beverages.  I only had one the entire trip, but if we had been closer to where we got it, when I finished it, I would have gone back for more.  It was in a little kiosk in France, close the lake.  It was a Grand Mariner Orange Slush.  HOLY COW.  It was the most delicious drink I had ever had.  *Warning-it was also quite strong*
  • Beer-Chris said that Germany had the best beer selection.

Random Thoughts-

  • I had to find the name of the drink I had in France.  While researching I came across an entire website dedicated to drinking your way around the world in Epcot.  I do kinda wish I had seen that before I went.  It would have been pricey, but it could have been a lot of fun.
  • Princess Marie is the white kitty cat from the Aristocats.  Just in case you go with a group of people who believes you to be the Disney know-it-all and they all give you a very disappointed look when you let them know you have no idea who Princess Marie is.  (I do want it noted that I said “The only Marie I can think of is the cat from Aristocats, but I don’t remember her being a princess).
  • At Epcot (and really, at all parks) you can get a time schedule for the day that will tell you what characters are appearing and when, this is very useful, but sometimes lies.  Be warned.
  • Shopping-Joni got her big souvenir while we were in Japan.  They had one of those pick an oyster and get a pearl stands so she picked two and got herself a beautiful pair of pearl earrings!
  • In England they had phone booths.  Me being the Harry Potter freak I am had to climb into one and see if dialing 62442 would get me into the Ministry of Magic.  It did not.  I was disappointed.

And…PiCtUrEs!!  (Taken by Chris, unless he is in them!)

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