The First Date: A Review

Just a side note, it is strange writing this knowing darn well she is going to read it!!  I am going to be 100% honest though 🙂

In one word: Perfect.  A ten hour date where never once did I want it to end.  Never once was I sitting there wishing she would stop talking or stop doing whatever she was doing.  It was just perfect.

She picked me up 10 minutes early…I, of course, wasn’t ready.  Had she been on time, I actually would’ve been good to go.  We were still out the door by 11am though, so all is well.  We went out to lunch first at a hibachi place-her favorite.  We had the whole table to ourselves.  We talked and laughed and had a wonderful meal.  The whole time she kept trying to get me to drop hints on where we were going aterwards.  I am getting quite good at keeping secrets y’all!!  I didn’t let anything ruin the surprise.  I will tell you that I was nervous that she wouldn’t like where we were going.  So after lunch we got back in her car and I started giving her directions.  I also spent the drive fighting the urge to sing.  I have a terribly voice.  She was playing good music!!

We arrived at Star Glazers, a paint your own pottery place.  Crush is a good artist.  She has painted a beautiful mural of Winnie the Pooh on her nephew’s playroom wall.  We have talked a lot about art and her artisitic abilities.  I took a deep breath and pointed the building out.  She smiled all big!!!  She had never done it before!  We spent several hours there.  She painted something for her sister, nephew and mom.  Made me feel rather selfish as I sat there painting Easter eggs for myself lol.  I will post pictures of our works of art when we get them back from being fired.

Like I said, I only planned the two things, leavin the rest of the day up to if we both decided we wanted the date to continue.  As we were leaving Star Glazers, she asked where to next.  I know she likes fish, and right around the corner is this gigantic pet store, with a fish touch tank, so we went there!  She took a million pictures of all of the diffferent fish.  We petted the sting rays and a star fish and walked around looking at all of the repitles.  Again, totally fun.

When we couldn’t think quickly of something else to do, we started back to CLAD’s.  We sat in her car talking for a bit, she finally found a song that I could not resist singing along to, but was kind enough to turn the volume way up so that she couldn’t hear me :).  We were parked behind my car and she asked if I had replaced the bulbs that were out.  Um, no.  I haven’t.  She got right out of the car and did it.  How is that for totally sweet?

I took her into the house to wash her hands and we played with Avery for a little bit.  Delaney is still somewhat shy around Crush.  She talks about her all the time.  It is usually the same conversation:

Delaney: What’s your girl name?
Me: Crush.
Delaney: I love her.

Children are so giving with their love! Crush, Avery and I played a bit of “Find Jesus” (a Where’s Waldo type book) and Crush asked me where I wanted to go for dinner. I’m surprised the whole world didn’t hear my heart sing!!! We said goodbye to LAD and went down the road to dinner. We talked comfortably through dinner, and then headed back to CLAD’s. We sat in the car for another hour talking and learning more about each other. I was sad to get out of the car. I really do enjoy spending time with her, even if it is just sitting in a car talking about our lives. Or talking about nothing. Or nothing. I just like to be with her.

When she got home, we continued to talk via text. She told me it was her best date ever. She told me that she usually gets annoyed with her dates by three hours in, but never once in 10 hours did she ever get annoyed with me or wish the date was over. Glad to know we both agree on that!! She has promised a second real date, as soon as she figures how to top what I planned.

I laid in bed last night with the biggest grin on my face. This date just made my crush on Crush even bigger. Swoon.

6 thoughts on “The First Date: A Review

  1. Oh Heidi, this post made my heart sing for you! What an awesome day you planned, with a perfect ending to top it off. Thanks for sharing with all of us, as I’m sure that your other readers feel the same way as I do- that we are thrilled to hear good things happening for you. I can’t wait to read your post on the other secret (although I’ve figured it out too). 😉

  2. Oh Heidi, this post made my heart sing for you! It sounds like such a fun day with a perfect ending to top it off. Thank you for sharing it with us, as I’m sure that your other readers feel the same way I do- SO thrilled to hear about good things coming your way and bringing more joy to your life. Speaking of that, I can’t wait to read your post about the other secret, although I’ve figured it out as well. 😉

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