Thinking of Blue Day, 2012

Dear Blue,

Here it is, June 19th again. I have always thought that as time passed, this day would get easier. It doesn’t. Time does not heal all wounds. Whoever said that is a liar.

The wound in my heart is just as raw and painful as it was four and a half years ago. I miss you more and more every single passing day. I didn’t know it would be possible to miss you any more than I did in those first few moments. Those moments of realizing that your heart was not beating inside of me, that you weren’t swimming around in my belly anymore. Those were very hard moments, but no easier than any moments since.

Moral of the story, to say I miss you is an understatement. Avery and Delaney ask about you all the time. Your cousins miss you too. We all do. People who didnt even know that you were on this Earth but know your story now, miss you.

That you for the small time that you were able to bless us with your presence here in this life. Thank you for being our angel watching over us every day. I am one lucky woman to be blessed to be your mommy.

The number one thing I am thankful for? Honestly, it makes me sound quite selfish. I will always be able to say that I am the only person who ever held you.

I love you, always,


Ps…don’t forget to with your Aunt Laura a happy birthday too!!!!


One thought on “Thinking of Blue Day, 2012

  1. He was my first thought this morning. Heidi, dear friend, why not we get together one June 19th and have a TRUE BLUE birthday? We’ll do it up right! Bless you sweety- and bless sweet Blue as well!

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