Password Update

I believe that I have either given everyone the password that requested it, or sent back a quiz to people that I don’t “know”.  If you have heard no response from me, please send an email to heidimingo at gmail dot com  There was no one that I saw that I would deny, just people that I didn’t know so I asked a simple question.

Regular posting will resume in a few days.


3 thoughts on “Password Update

  1. Hi my name is Lyz … I would love to still read your blog. I don’t comment much but a loyal reader… If you are ok with it I would like the password. Umm can I get a quiz I would like to know if I would pass! Thanks =)

  2. Hi My name is Angie. I love reading your blog. I never comment and I would love to continue to read
    your blog if I can get the password. Email me if you need more info from me.
    Thanks! 🙂

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