Regrets or What Ifs…not sure which I’m talking about

I’m not big on regret. There are things that I wish I had never done, but I don’t necessarily regret the outcomes. Every decision I have made in my life has made me who I am today. You know, butterfly effect and all that new age bull. (Honestly, if I was rich, I could totally be a freaky earthy-crunchy granola whore, but then Lyz would hurt herself rolling her eyes at me all the time, so for the greater good, I shall not change my ways lol)

I do tend to focus some on what ifs… And they don’t always have to pertain to things that have happened in the past. For a crazy example, let me invite you inside my head for a bit…Pretty much from the moment I became single, my period has been (pardon the pun) SPOT ON. I’m ovulating either today or tomorrow. What if I went out and grabbed myself a one night stand? This is not the first time I have thought this. I’ve thought about it a heck of a lot lol. To the point that I have dreamt several times about what it would be like to have to come home and tell Lyz I was pregnant. And have to explain exactly how that happened.

But, the what if that drove this blog post is this:

What if I hadn’t turned down the opportunity to try out for MasterChef? I submitted my application. I turned in a recipe. I received an appointment with a time to meet Gordon Ramsey. I turned it down. I had something else to do that day. They don’t change appointments. You either show up, or you don’t, your loss.

I’ve watched each episode this season with that what if in my head. What if I had made X? Or the last episode where the choices of what to make were risotto, beef wellington or new england clam chowder. I can make all three of those. Well, my risotto may not have been perfect, Lyz did eat it with bbq potato chips after all. My beef wellington wasn’t textbook, as some of the people in my household aren’t huge mushroom fans. But in my opinion it was darn tasty!

I can cook. In fact I would love to be able to spend time with complicated recipes in the kitchen. I think my biggest downfall would be my palate. And please, do not get me wrong, I honestly had no dreams of ever actually being on the show. I know I am not a refined enough cook to be able to actually impress Gordon Ramsey. But it would have been an extremely fun opportunity!

One more thing…this particular what if is totally in the what if category. I do not regret not going to my appointment, I am glad I did what I did do that day instead. But sometimes…it is fun to play What If??


Whatcha gotta say bout that?

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