One Last Open Post

Truth is…I’ve been quiet because I hate that my blog has become information central. If someone wants to be a part of CLAD1/2+J+H’s life, they simply need to be a part of it, not spend their time spying and sending their friends to try and dig information out of friends of ours. You want to know when the baby is due??? How about you ask us? The baby is due around my birthday. There is your answer. Do I know the exact date that the baby will be born?? You bet. Am I going to share it here? Not until the blog is locked down.

There is another reason. I have this new “friend”. I have been getting some awesome anonymous emails. The latest telling me what a horrible person I am for allowing this:

I “let” Lyz do the Warrior Dash, therefore I am a HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING. Um, list of reasons why this makes me laugh:

  1. Lyz is an adult.  Sure, I’m a couple of years older than her, but I do not have the right to “LET” her do anything.
  2. She had her doctors permission.
  3. Chris, after completion of the Warrior Dash, said it was lame, and unathletic me could’ve done it.  (G and I have already promised to do it with them next year)
  4. Lyz is in the best shape of her life.
  5. How could anyone deny this simply beautiful woman anything she wants…I mean, just look at the cuteness!!

Seriously people.  I know a lot of control freaks out there, hell, I used to be married to one, but control freak I am not.  Supportive, that’s me!!!

My other favorite email involved telling me just how far G is out of my league.  She is way too hot, and way too “cool” for me.  I’m a frumpy, ugly, boring chick, and I deserve the same.  Sigh, because my brain had never thought those things before.  One department I really don’t need any assistance in, is the low self esteem department.  So if you are going to send me such fun emails, at least make them fresh, new and entertaining, please?

Moral of the story: the blog is going on lockdown.  I miss it.  I want it back.  Will I lose other readers in the process?  I’m sure.  But I’ve lost a lot anyway due to the fact that I so rarely update.  I miss being able to brag about my beautiful nieces.  I’m sad that my new niece/nephew has hardly gotten any blog time because I simply feel too private to share.

Email me for the password.  Most people will get it, no problem.  If you aren’t a commenter, I’m going to use your ip address to match you up in my head as a long time reader, or a potential stalker.  So don’t be afraid to ask for the password just because you don’t think I know you.

Goodbye freedom of speech, hello freedom.


***UPDATE*** This will be a new password, not the old one


25 thoughts on “One Last Open Post

  1. Sorry you’re getting so much crap. Your sanity is worth more than an open blog though. Sadly, unhealthy malicious people will do what they can to use your candor and open exploration of your feelings against you. I know that too well. I would like to keep reading though. Password please.

  2. You don’t need that. I don’t blame you for doing what you are with this blog. I never comment, but always read and have for years. Truth is, I am a lousy commenter. I would love to still read if you are okay with it?

  3. that is a shame! it’s worse than high school drama. in regards to the warrior dash..with doc’s permission no one’s business enough said. i’ve only met you and lyz once but found your friendship and bond to each other so unique. not many people can say they have a close family as yours. i enjoy reading about your creativity with the girls and you have a wonderful way with words. it’s a shame that whoever is being so hateful has to take it away.

  4. im sorry you are getting ugly comments. i got one on my last post, and it’s totally silenced me. people can be so ugly and hurtful.

    i know i’ve been a crappy commenter of late (see above re: withdrawal from the blogosphere), but i’d love to keep following along if you’d let me in. xo

  5. You have my e mail listed in the reply section, I hope I can also get the password:)

  6. You go Heidi!!! Take charge – Take control and dont let anyone tel you otherwise!
    I have commented a few times – LOVE following your family – cause that is what your blog is YOUR family, but if you arent comfortable with giving me the password – I am good with that, know these things tho:
    1.) G is SOOOO NOT out of your league
    2.) you are in charge of you
    3.) it is time for you to look into motherhood again ( I think you know this…) your healthy changes, weight loss and all around environmental changes are nothing but POSITIVES in the right direction for this – I know because I went through it too
    4.) YOU ROCK

  7. I read a lot of blogs (lurker, I guess is the word) and it seems like lately people have been downright mean and hateful, anonymously of course and it’s so disappointing. I love reading your blog and hope you will let me continue.

  8. I totally agree with Laura W. 100%!! On everything!! I would love to keep reading. It really bothers me that some people have nothing better to do than stalk and harass you! So not cool! And to think that these same people think they can say who’s in what league. I don’t understand that kind of thing.

  9. it really sucks when things like this happen! i really hope to continue to read…… email address is in comment section.. if u need more details about me let me know……hope i can get the pw. if not i wish u all the best anyway!

  10. Dude, that totally sucks!! I don’t understand why people feel the need to be so childish and petty, they just need to get over it and move on! Anyway, I hope you will send the password my way as I would enjoy continuing to follow your journey!

  11. Shame you’ve been pushed into this by people who clearly don’t find their own lives fulfilling enough. I’d like to continue reading the other side of the lockdown.

  12. Whoa, that’s horrible. People have nothing better to do? Ridiculous!

    Please include me– I’m a daily reader and a constant flamingo hunter for ya! 🙂

    (you’ve got my email, right?)

  13. Hello! This is absolutely crazy that people would take time out of there day to try to make your’s worse! Talk about self-esteem issues. I would love to have the password and keep following along if you wouldn’t mind sharing? I have no blog for you to recognize me with and I don’t often comment but hopefully you will let me continue to follow along with you. If your okay with it my e-mail is

  14. Heidi,

    I rarely comment, but I always read. 🙂

    I figured something was going on because you used to update regularly and then nothing.

    I would love to continue reading, so I’ll email you for the password, but I understand if I don’t get a response.

    Regardless, like Kathy, I wish you, CLAD+J plus you and G the best.

  15. I’m sorry people suck and feel the need to send nasty emails. I’ve gotten a few myself… definitely a downer! That being said, could I get the password? I would love to continue following along (silently, because I suck at commenting) if you don’t mind!

  16. I am a long time reader but seldom commenter, i would like to continue reading if possible!

  17. I’ve read for a bit, never commented before though but would like to follow you. I have to say your Disney posts came right before we went and were very helpful to me LOL!!!! I promise I am not a weird stalker or anything like that 🙂

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