Date Night!

I have mentioned before how much Jenn and I love going to the grocery store. Last night we went to the newly remodeled on in our area, and we had WAYYYYY too much fun!!

First off, we were introduced to these newfangled thingies for you to just scan and bag your items as you go!?! And then you just turn in your scanner and pay! Some of you (like my mother) may not be impressed by this as it has been in your area for years. But we like in Amish Country folks. It was just a year or two ago that we got the scan yourself lines!!

Jenn had a bit of a hard time accepting some things while we were there. She loves herself some Rice Krispies and banana. She stood looking at the bunches of bananas and pouting. “We never get through a bunch before the go bad,” she whined. So I took three semi-yellow bananas off one bunch and three mostly green bananas off another bunch and handed them to her. The look of shock on her face cracked me up! She is convinced that we have broken banana laws. She said “Next thing you’re going to tell me is that we don’t have to buy all of the grapes in the bag!” Yes dear, that is true. I thought she might pass out.

Then she found the fruit produce scale. Up until now the only produce scales our grocery stores had was the hanging kind with the clock like face. Jenn had way too much fun with this.

She enjoyed pushing buttons to find the kind of fruit she was weighing

And she loved printing stickers:

Who needs kids when you have Jenn’s personality around??

I was being misbehaved and kept laughing at the nuts in Santa’s pants they had displayed everywhere.

And then I came across the egg nog section and had to send Lyz a picture. She loves her some eggnog, so I had to send her a picture too:

We had fun, then came home and made dinner and watched Glee!!

I love my wife and I love our life. Tonight we are heading over to CLAD’s for game night! We need a game night every so often and since Just Dance 2 was delivered from HouseParty, we have a reason to celebrate!!!!!!


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