Dumpster Diving

I am not a proud woman. I have no fear in taking other people’s trash and turning it into my treasure.

I need some shelving in my kitchen. Right now we have one of those cheap-o black metal shelves that you get at Kmart for $10. It is doing the job, but I wouldn’t mind something nicer looking. It holds my PINK Kitchenaid mixer, the blender, the food processor, etc. As well as all the other kitchen odds and ends that don’t really have homes anywhere else.

When Jenn got home from work tonight I asked her to take the trash out. She came back in with a huge smile on her face and said that there was a beautiful hutch out by the dumpster…just what I had been describing for that space in the kitchen. We journeyed out to look at it. I thought it looked pretty darn good. Four shelves and a cupboard at the bottom.

We spent the next 20 minutes getting it into the house. It was very very heavy. I had to stop every 15 feet. We get it into our living room so I could start emptying the shelf in the kitchen. I looked at the hutch and noticed the cat practically making out with it.

Yep, some other cat had decided that the bottom cabinet of the shelf was a kitty litter box. From the looks of it this did not happen out at the dumpster, but in someones house.

Moral of the story: Beware when dumpster diving in the dark!


2 thoughts on “Dumpster Diving

  1. Oh, ick! Win some lose some, I guess 😉 A pink Kitchenaid?! That is a great image! And to think I got boring old white because it was a few bucks cheaper!

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