Winter is in the air!!

Tonight we spent a few hours over at Landis Christmas Trees!!! The sign said OPEN but we haven’t been advertising that we were going to be. Jenn and Chris spent a couple of hours unwrapping the trees and getting them stood up. I got there followed shortly by Lyz and we spent a quick 15 minutes pricing the trees. We had a darn good system.

Oddly enough the weather didn’t feel very wintry. It was rainy and dreary all morning and afternoon so when I got home I changed and put on a sweatshirt. Apparently that was a mistake. It was warm out! Here and there I caught a cold breeze, but for the most part it was quite hot!

I am so thankful that today is November 30. I am thankful that tomorrow night at 10:40pm I won’t sit up in bed and scream to Jenn “Hand me the laptop! I forgot to blog!” I have enjoyed being able to write every day and know that people are out there listening!! I am thankful to be able to take a day off and not feel guilty.

love and hugs!!


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