Mingo Monday 11/29/10

It isn’t just about the Mingos…

Growing up I hated the color pink. My mother reminds me of this often. She could never get me to wear pink, red or flowers. Or belts, I still have an aversion to red, flowers and belts. Lyz and Jenn often tell me how wonderful I look in red. I hate it. I had to go buy a red shirt to wear to Lyz’s dad’s viewing (he passed four years ago today, you are missed Norm).

But pink, I’ve totally changed my opinion on pink. I love it. It is my signature. Lyz texted today and asked “What color balloons should I get for Chris’s birthday party?” My answer, “Pink of course!!”

If given an option of color choices, I will always choose pink. For example:
Doesn’t everyone need a pink deer in their outdoor Christmas display?????

My mom and dad buy me a KitchenAid mixer one year for Christmas, what color do I want????????

(yes, not the best picture, but it is what I have lol)
Colored streaks for my hair????

I always choose pink. If I’m looking at shirts and pink is an option, I choose the pink one. When it is legal and we get married again, PINK will be the color. I joked at the 1st wedding that my bridesmaid(s) were going to walk down the aisle as flamingos and the groomsmen as palm trees..

So, it isn’t just flamingos in PINK that I love, it is PINK in general!!


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