Dream a little dream with me

Growing up my little brother and I loved to tease my mom. She would be sitting on the couch all calm like and then blurt out “OH!!! I had a dream……”. Marshall and I would proceed to say kinda Martin Luther King Jr.ish “I had a dream.” Poor mom.

Mom always had the oddest dreams. She always told me that in her dreams she is always thin and wearing her clothes that she made herself in the 70’s. But just odd dreams. Totally odd.

I’ve never been one to really remember my dreams. Although when I was little I remember a dream about a giant alligator that was kidnapping area kids and hanging them on clothes hangers on the electrical wires outside. Mom turned our couch over and hid me under it.

But when I was pregnant with Blue…oh my goodness the weird dreams. I would wake up and be able to describe them in vivid detail to Jenn. And weird weird weird. As my day would go on I would forget everything in the dream and just be left with that “Why on earth did my head come up with that dream?” feeling.

So weird dreams is something I chalked up as a pregnancy treat. Until recently. It seems like at least three nights a week I wake up from dreams that totally rock my world. I don’t understand them, and I don’t remember them long enough to even tell you about them. As if my sleep hasn’t been interrupted enough, these crazy dreams are just killing me!

I’ve tired drugs. I’ve tried meditating before sleeping. I’m not pregnant. If I am going to have these crazy dreams, could I at least have a pregnancy to go along with them?


4 thoughts on “Dream a little dream with me

  1. I usually remember my dreams in the morning – maybe just because I’m a light sleeper – but I am always surprised at the people who never remember their dreams. I’ve always thought about keeping a journal at my bedside so when I wake up, I can immediately start writing.

    Crazy stuff . . .

  2. I am a chronic crazy dreamer although progesterone always makes it worse. The TWW is a place of manty insane happenings in my head. And when I was Pg? Oy. REally. Very. Crazy.

    I hope CLAD comes back soon (I know they are gone for 19.75 months or something)– its clear how much they all mean to you!

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