For one blissful hour…

I have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off. Last night I joked to Jenn “Hey, when I get off at 3 tomorrow, wanna drive to Florida and meet up with CLAD.” And while it started as a total joke, it almost actually happened.

I joked it to Lyz too who said “Hey, we have a spare bed and lots of leftover food credits, so you wouldn’t have to pay for those!”

I got a little serious. We could totally do it. Sure, It would take 14 hours to drive down so we would be exhausted all day Sunday, and just have to leave Monday night again. Wait…what if we can find cheap airfare??

A quick search found that while we could fly home for only $59 per person, flying there would cost several arms and legs.

But hey, it was worth the research to check!!


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